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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has resolved to provide $5,000 seed funding to allow the Liverpool Plains Business Chamber to engage a part time Administration Support Officer to assist in the co-ordination of the Chamber’s activities. At the same time, Council has established a Business Advisory Group to provide pathways to and from Council to assist with effective decision making on local employment and economic opportunities being made.

“LPSC has identified local economic development (LED) as a prominent tool towards facilitating the development of the local region. The growth of small business is important for LED and the coordination of the small business sector through formal organisations such as the Business Chamber is fundamental to the process. They have a vital role in contributing to building prosperity, development of entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs,” Councillor Hope said.

“The establishment of the Business Advisory Group was identified as one of LPSC’s top five economic development objectives to be achieved in the current term of Council. We are committed to developing and maintaining a strong relationship with the Chamber with on-going two-way consultation to establish trust and a productive working relationship. Council thanks the Chamber for returning that trust through their nomination of a representative to the Group,” he continued.

“Key objectives for the Group include; A shared understanding of the Shire’s economic development goals across government, business and community, encouraging government and business to exploit relative strengths/specialisations and future growth industries, ensuring skills in the region match industry requirements and enhance capacity of the workforce, identifying new models for financing projects and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity across all spectrums. The group will also strive to nurture a robust and connected start-up ecosystem, build long term competitiveness and access to regional, national and international trading partners, create a supportive economic environment for investment.

“We will identify and encourage the best people to join and contribute to the group to help develop recommendations to Council towards operational planning, forward planning and budgeting for business and innovation support,” he said.

“Local and regional economic development in Australia is highly complex and, in some instances, there is evidence of more competition than collaboration between various regional structures. Keeping this in mind we will review Council’s relationships with key sectors, the Business Chamber locally and regional business partners like Regional Development Australia and Namoi Unlimited to ensure their current relevance and value plus examining the benefits for the Shire which may flow from each respective relationship,” he continued.

“Economic development is not the preserve of any single person, organisation or institution. Council is seeking a collaborative endeavour necessitating the input of myriad different players. Our approach seeks to combine, marshal and promote a variety of physical, human, political, environmental, economic and cultural capabilities and endowments to benefit our community,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has been advised that Community Groups can apply for grants that provide an opportunity to implement small scale, local programs consistent with the NSW Road Safety Plan 2021.

Projects need to contribute to increased road safety awareness and understanding and support safer road use and reduce road trauma through education of safer behaviours.

There are two grant streams - Grants up to $5000 available for local community road safety projects; and Grants up to $30 000 for more substantial road safety benefits.

Applications close Sunday, June 10. Further information can be obtained from:

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Hope is reminding Shire residents that Council invites and encourages them to attend its monthly meetings. He is asking residents to note that the May Ordinary Meeting is set down for both a different day to normal and time. “Our meetings are generally held on a Wednesday but this month it is being held on Thursday May 24 at the earlier time of 10.30am. Come along and see how your Council operates,” he said.

“LPSC is currently reviewing and updating its policies to ensure they are both relevant and in line with Council’s statutory obligations. As this process progresses the updated versions are uploaded to Council’s website. Policies that have been reviewed are Asbestos, Barking Dog Complaints, Burials on Private Land, Child Protection, Gates and Grids on Public Roads, Gifts and Benefits, Procurement, Replacement of Kerbside Collection Bins, Rural Water Connection to Rising and Trunks Mains, Smoke Free Workplace, WHS, and Workplace Bullying. They can be viewed at,” Councillor Hope said.

“Our Werris Creek branch librarian and a Home Support Service representative from Quirindi and Werris Creek recently attended a training session for Train Your Brain, an education program to improve memory and associated cognitive skills. Werris Creek Library will introduce this program on Tuesday May 22, during Library and Information Week. It will be held 10 – 11am for four consecutive Tuesdays. Ring the library on 6768 7340 for further information or to confirm interest,” he said.

“Also, in Werris Creek, the North and North-West Community Legal Service is visiting the library once a month to offer free legal advice. The service is proving very popular. If you want more info or to make an appointment call them on Free call 1800 687 687 or 6772 8100,” he continued.

“Council has received considerable interest since inviting ratepayers to register an email address that will allow them to receive Rates and Water Notices electronically. To receive notices by email, go to and fill in the online form.

“A reminder that applications for LPSC’s Community Funding Program close on Friday June 1. Go to for application forms and everything you need to know about the program,” he said.

“As I’ve pointed out in the past, various grant programs that are available from Federal and State Governments as well as the corporate sector and charities can be of immense assistance to local groups/organisations. Council is now providing a service to provide information on these as it comes to hand. To be on the mailing list apply at,” he concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) was delighted to host representatives from a number of local Councils at a Small Business Friendly Council Workshop presented by the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner to help councils support local businesses.

In welcoming delegates to the workshop, LPSC Mayor Councillor Andrew Hope said, “small, local businesses are the lifeblood of rural communities not only through the services they offer but also for the employment opportunities they provide. I am pleased we are all here today as we explore ways to cut red tape and provide easier environments for them to operate in.”

“The workshop examined ways for Councils to support business creation and growth through regulatory reform, networks and knowledge sharing events and practical tools and resources,” Councillor Hope said.

“The workshop was particularly valuable to our economic development staff with ideas to identify, explore and share information and strategies to boost small businesses,” he continued.

“Supporting and growing our local business economy is a priority for LPSC, Councillor Hope said.

“Later this month, we look forward to partnering with Service NSW and the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner to launch Easy to do Business, a free service where through one online portal businesses can receive step-by-step guidance and support across local, state and federal government requirements, to open and grow a business.

“When it first comes online it will focus on people opening and running a café, small bar or restaurant and outlining the upfront time, fees and effort involved.

However, new industries such as housing construction and retail will be added in the future,” he said.

“We will announce full details later this month. LPSC is delighted to be able to continue our support of local business by joining this program,” he continued.

“A thriving economy and creating more local jobs is vital to LPSC. “We look forward to reform to the hurdles and red tape that people go through just to get a business up and running,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Werris Creek   Grandstand   David Taylor OvalLiverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, says he is delighted to see the finishing touches being put in place for the new grandstand at Werris Creek’s David Taylor Oval.

“I’d like to thank the contractors that have carried out the various parts of the project from building the frame, adding cladding, storm water works, fitting electricals, the construction of a disabled access path, the fitting of seating, completing the commentary box and the sound system,” he said.

“This is a great addition to Werris Creek’s sporting facilities. It will provide more amenity for both locals and visitors to the Magpies’ games, for school and other sporting events held there,” he continued.

“This is another community driven project that LPSC has been proud to partner on. Along with the work already carried out, and still to come at Werris Creek swimming pool, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being invested in sporting facilities for the Werris Creek district community,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Representatives from Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) welcomed riders from the 2018 Bridge to Bridge charity ride to Quirindi and then Deputy Mayor, Doug Hawkins, and LPSC IT Manager, Nathan Browne, jumped on their bikes and journeyed with the riders to Willow Tree Public School.

The Bridge to Bridge charity ride, from Brisbane’s Story Bridge to Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, forms part of Brian Cancer action week. Now in its 8th year, the event has raised well over $250,000 for brain cancer charities. This year the ride is supporting the Charlie Teo Foundation whose focus is research into better ways of detecting, managing and hopefully curing brain cancer.

“Considering about 1,400 Australians are diagnosed with brain cancer each year and 1,100 will die prematurely from their tumours, Council is proud to support this fundraising initiative by helping to bring it to the community’s attention and hopefully encouraging donations,” Councillor Hawkins said.

“Nathan and I were thrilled to represent Council and to participate in the ride through to Willow Tree,” he said.

“Although the ride begins and ends in a capital city, its route deliberately encompasses a number of regional agricultural communities. As such, the ride recognises that brain tumour issues also affect those living in areas like ours and that there are difficulties in managing appropriate responses such as readily accessing support services.

“It is great that the ride has an emphasis on the management of the disease for sufferers and their families as well as searching for a cure. That can only help people in our region who find themselves in a similar position,” Councillor Hawkins said.

“I encourage anyone who would like to sponsor, donate to or participate in the charity ride, to go to the website,,” he concluded.

Bridge to Bridge 1 Bridge to Bridge 2 2 Bridge to Bridge 4 2
(L to R) Peta Baddock, Michael Illing, Ivor Ablitt, Mark Driver, Randal Bishop, Doug Hawkins, Nathan Browne, Kevin Irle and Matt Gurr

Heading to Willow Tree Public School the riders pass through Braefield on the Kamilaroi Highway

Willow Tree school captains Jess Butler and Katie Martin made a presentation to Bridge to Bridge representative Randal Bishop

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As part of its ongoing initiative and investment in providing defibrillators at strategic locations, in its workplaces and the wider community, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has purchased a training defibrillator to allow staff to familiarise themselves with the use of this equipment. Council will also make this state of the art technology available to community organisations for training purposes on request.

AEDAccording to LPSC Work, Health, Safety and Risk Advisor, Noel O’Brien, with sudden cardiac arrest being one of the leading causes of death in Australia, having a defibrillator in the workplace or within the community can make the difference between life and death.

“Without early defibrillation with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), less than 5% of cardiac victims survive, in fact for every minute that passes, the chance of survival reduces by 10%. Defibrillation within the first few minutes of having a sudden cardiac arrest, increases the chance of survival, to over 70%,” Noel said.

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope said the importance of getting this equipment into workplaces and the wider community was highlighted by figures showing that the average ambulance response time is 8-10 minutes in metropolitan areas and depending on distance up to 30 minutes+ in regional areas. He said while our wonderful paramedics do all they can to save lives, access to a defibrillator can give a victim a better chance of survival until they turn up. Councillor Hope also paid tribute to and congratulated the efforts of the Rotary Club of Quirindi in making defibrillators more widely available.

“Rotary Quirindi are in the process of installing approximately 15 new defibrillator units throughout the region, including Blackville, Werris Creek, Spring Ridge, Currabubula, Willow Tree and Quirindi. These are in addition to the five units that have already been installed at Carlos IGA, Quirindi RSL, Yogi’s Store, Tamarang Service Centre, Quirindi Newsagency and the Quirindi Gun Club,” he said.

“Training in the use of the defibrillators has also been included for all locations as a part of the project. I’d like to add a special thanks to Rotary Members John Lobsey, Rob Lewis, Kate Walker and Kurt Heath for their work to date.

“Any business or community member who’d like to donate to Rotary to support this vital project can send it to PO Box 33, Quirindi NSW 2343, or contact their President, Angus Fraser, via 0422 154 512,” he continued.

“These are Life Saving Devices, they can used by anybody and you don’t require First Aid qualifications to successfully apply these machines. They are easy to use, maintain, and can save a life prior to the ambulance arriving,” Noel O’Brien said.

However, after you use the defibrillator, or if you don't have access to one, give CPR until emergency medical help arrives or until the person begins to move. Keeping this in mind, I encourage everyone to enrol in a First Aid course because you never know when what you learn may help save a life,” Noel concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is inviting ratepayers to register an email address with Council that will allow them to receive Rates and Water Notices electronically.

“With the increased cost of postage and longer delivery times, electronic delivery will be quicker, more convenient and cost effective,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Many people are now finding it more convenient to receive things like power and phone accounts by email and Council has received requests to also make its accounts available this way,” he said.

“Receiving your rates electronically, rather than via hard copy can make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your payments,” he continued.

“By opting in for electronic delivery of information, ratepayers will receive their Rates or Water Notices as a link to an Adobe PDF sent to the nominated email address. You will no longer receive a hard copy by regular post. This service will provide a faster, more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to paper copies,” he said.

“To receive notices by email, go to - and fill in the online form. Council will send a confirmation email to verify your email address. You will need to follow the link in the email to complete your registration. You will also need to complete this form for each individual property you own in the Shire,” he continued.

“Once you’ve signed up, all correspondence for accounts and reminders will be sent to you electronically.

“You can pay your accounts at the Customer Service Desk at the Administration Centre, via BPAY as per the instructions on your account or with a cheque/money order via mail to LPSC PO Box 152 Quirindi NSW 2343. Please ensure your correct account details are attached.

“A Privacy Statement is available at the online registration site. The system is all set up and you can register and begin to get your rate notices delivered immediately,” he said.

“If you’re having problems paying your rates, please contact Council as soon as possible on 6746 1755 so we can discuss other options that may be available to help you and to avoid legal action and associated costs,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, has announced that applications are now open to eligible community organisations to seek grants through the Council’s Community Funding Program. He said applications will close on Friday June 1.

“The Community Funding Program provides three streams of funding,” Councillor Hope said.

“Seed funding aims to encourage the development of new events across the Shire by providing not-for-profit organisations with some initial funding, up to $5,000, to help support and launch new, or one-off event activities.

“Growth funding, up to $5,000, is offered to assist event organisers to improve their existing event and to build strategic capacity within their event.

“Local sporting and recreational clubs can apply for assistance for infrastructure improvements, up to $10,000, that will have a lasting impact on the success of an event, or organisation, and provides value for the broader Liverpool Plains Shire community,” he continued.

“An organisation applying for community funding from Council must conduct the event within the Shire, be a not-for-profit entity, or have the project auspiced by a not-for-profit entity, hold current and relevant public liability insurance to the value of $20 million, commence the activity or project in the financial year in which the funding is being sought demonstrate environmental, social and economic benefits to the Shire and be financially viable.

“It is vital that prospective applicants read and understand the guidelines and process,” he said.

Application forms and further details can be downloaded from Council’s website, emailing or calling the Customer Service Desk on 6746 1755. Completed application forms should be emailed to or posted to PO Box 152 QUIRINDI NSW 2343 by the closing date,” he continued.

If you require further information or explanation please contact Angus or Andrew on 6746 1755 during business hours,” he said.

“Council’s Community Funding Program recognises the vital contribution that community groups and organisations play in the development of our social capital and quality of life,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Library AnnouncementOn behalf of the community, Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope has welcomed the announcement that Council has been successful in gaining $200,000 from the Public Library Infrastructure Grant program to expand the library in Quirindi.

“While the Quirindi Library, in its current form, has served the community well over many years, expansion of services during this time has resulted in the need to increase available floor space in order to better serve the community into the future. In recent years ongoing consultation has indicated the need for expansion to be a community priority so this is a very pleasing outcome,” Councillor Hope said.

“The library will be extended to include the area formerly occupied by the real estate office and Council also has plans to revamp the overall precinct area,” he said.

“On behalf of the community I extend thanks to Michael Johnsen for his support in gaining this funding and the benefits that will flow from this investment,” Councillor Hope concluded.


State Member for Upper Hunter, Michael Johnsen (middle row second from right), announced the successful outcome of Council’s grant application to extend Quirindi Library to community members and Council staff.

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Seniors 3 Margaret McLeay and Heather Grey Seniors 2 Sadie Munn and Gladys Brown
Margaret McLeay and Heather Grey Sadie Munn and Gladys Brown                                 

According to Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, it was gratifying to see so many Seniors heed the theme of this year’s Senior Festival, Let’s Do More Together and joining in the various events held around the Shire to celebrate their special place in the community.

“This year’s Mystery Bus tour was a great success with excellent feedback received from attendees. Two busloads from around Shire enjoyed a picnic morning tea at Nundle Park, browsed the local craft shops and then appreciated the lunch served up at Dag Station. Host John entertained everyone during the meal,” Councillor Hope said.

Seniors 4 Staff

LPSC Home Support Services staff Clare Stewart, Jeanette Marr, Kay Wheeler, Yvonne Woods and Maureen Harrison at DAG Station with John the DAG Station host for the visit 

“From the opening event of the Festival held at the Racecourse, through events held at the Werris Creek Library, Quirindi Home Support Service, a movie and the Dustier than Ever show held at the Royal Theatre, the bus tour and Healthy Living at the REC Centre, our Seniors have had a smorgasbord of things to do and share,” he said.

“An event such as our Seniors Festival takes considerable planning and co-ordination, so I’d like to thank and congratulate LPSC Community Events Co-ordinator Angus Fraser, Emily Saul, Andrew Ballard, Marilyn at Werris Creek library, Home Support Services staff and organisers Clare Stewart, Jeanette Marr, Kay Wheeler, Yvonne Woods, and Maureen Harrison and Annah at the Recreation Centre,” Councillor Hope said.

Seniors 1 Dag Shed

“Our Seniors are important and valued community members all year long. If any Senior or a relative has any queries about what services and programs are available through our Home Support Services, please call Quirindi 6746 4545 or Werris Creek 6768 7505. Annah at the Recreation Centre would be please to help Seniors find the right exercise program to help keep them fit and healthy and can be contacted on 6746 3122. Please leave your name and contact details if your call goes to an answering service. Seniors are always welcome at our libraries where they can not only borrow books, CDs and DVDs but also access computers which our librarians are always prepared to assist them with,” he continued.

Thanks to all our Seniors for their contributions to our communities over the years,” Councillor Hope concluded.


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CURRABUBULA – 9am at Currabubula War Memorial Hall.

PREMER – 10.45am Premer Park
(luncheon to follow).

QUIRINDI Dawn Service - 5.30am at the War Memorial Town Clock, corner of Pryor and George Streets.
(Veterans wearing their medals will be provided with a free breakfast at the Quirindi RSL following the event. Other members of the community are welcome to attend the breakfast).  

QUIRINDI Morning Service and March - form up at 10.45am Quirindi Post Office to march to the War Memorial Town Clock for wreath laying ceremony. State MP Michael Johnsen will march with the Quirindi RSL Sub-Branch and speak at the event.
(A free luncheon for veterans wearing medals will be supplied at the RSL Club following the service. Other members of the community are welcome to attend.)

WERRIS CREEK Dawn Service – 6am at the War Memorial, corner of Single Street and Anzac Parade.
(A free breakfast for all those attending the Dawn Service will be provided at the Bowling and Tennis Club from 7.30am)

WERRIS CREEK Morning Service and March – form up at 10.30am Single Street and Coronation Parade for march to War Memorial in Anzac Parade and wreath laying ceremony at 11am.
(A luncheon will follow at the Bowling and Tennis Club from 12.30pm).

WILLOW TREE – Form up at 8.45am, beside Willow Tree Inn, for march commencing at 9am to Willow Tree Memorial Hall for wreath laying ceremony.

An RAAF flyover will occur between approximately 10.50 and 11am over Werris Creek, Quirindi and Willow Tree.

The RSL Sub-Branches invite and encourage members of the community to attend one or more of these events.

Road Closure information can be found HERE

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has had to change its timetable for Youth Week following the announcement the Newcastle Knights will be in Quirindi on Thursday April 19 from 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

The timetable for Youth Week events is now;

Wednesday April 18 - Quirindi 11am-4pm - Ownlife Skateboarding at Rose Lee Park.

Wednesday April 18 – Werris Creek from 2pm - Inflatable Afternoon at David Taylor Oval with Velcro Wall, Wrecking Ball, Sumo Suits and Mechanical Bucking Bull plus Movie from 6pm – Thor: Ragnarok.

Thursday April 19 – Quirindi from 2pm - Inflatable Afternoon and Rugby League at No. 1 Oval (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE) with Velcro Wall, Wrecking Ball, Sumo Suits and Mechanical Bucking Bull. Rugby League with the Newcastle Knights from 3.30pm – 5.30pm plus Movie from 6pm – Pitch Perfect 3.

LPSC apologises for any inconvenience caused however the addition of the Rugby League allows for a bigger and more exciting event.

Any queries to LPSC’s Community Events Co-Ordinator, Angus Fraser, on 6746 1755.

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Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is inviting and encouraging the Liverpool Plains Shire’s Youth to join in the fun events being staged during Youth Week 2018.

“The theme for Youth Week 2018 is Unity Through Diversity. Throughout the year Council encourages our young people to express their ideas and views, act on issues that affect their lives, and to participate and enjoy activities and events,” he said.  

Additionally, it is important our older generations recognise the achievements of our young people and provide them with the opportunities and encouragement to keep striving for the future. They are our future leaders,” he continued.

Youth Week Events -Youth week 2018 1

Wednesday April 18 – Werris Creek

Inflatable Afternoon at David Taylor Oval from 2pm

  • Velcro Wall
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Sumo Suits
  • Mechanical Bucking Bull

Movie from 6pm – Thor: Ragnarok

Thursday April 19 – Quirindi

Inflatable Afternoon and Skateboarding at Rose Lee Park

Skateboard Workshops 11am – 3pm

Best Trick Competition 4pm – 5pm

  • Inflatables from 2pm – 6pm
  • Velcro Wall
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Sumo Suits
  • Mechanical Bucking Bull

Movie from 6pm – Pitch Perfect 3

Friday April 20 – Quirindi Royal Theatre


  • Movie – TBA Run by Walhealth
  • Nail care, movie, drum beats and cupcake decoration.

Contact Amie on 6746 2001 for bookings

“We often hear the media saying how disadvantaged people in regional/rural areas are, how tough our young people are doing it and how hard it is to get ahead in life. I believe our young people are succeeding in spite of the odds. At the same time, as a community, we have a duty to support them and help them along the road of life,” Councillor Hope said.

“LPSC is committed to providing increased opportunities for all our community, including more activities for youth. Over recent years, through collaboration with community groups, we’ve seen new playgrounds for the very young, skateboard parks, investment in sporting facilities, and there is more to come. New facilities for tennis, netball and basketball are about to be developed, the Werris Creek swimming pool upgrade will improve its appeal and there are longer term plans for swimming facilities in Quirindi plus a new gym. Council welcomes suggestions from our youth on such issues and other matters that affect them,” he continued.              

I encourage all of our youth to play an active role in the community and during Youth Week to enjoy the safe environment of the fun activities being staged,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Recreation CentreIf you’re concerned about your kids sitting around watching screens and not getting outside enough, Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) Recreation Centre (REC) in Station Street Quirindi is offering two, special 45-minute Fit Kids programs during the April school holidays.

These classes will be held on Thursday April 19 and 26 from 11am to Midday. The cost is $5 per child.

“These sessions will be full of fun and games aimed at getting the body moving. A healthy morning tea will be provided at the end of the session,” said REC Centre Manager Annah Maybury.

“Regular physical activity is an important part of getting healthy and staying healthy. Encouraging kids and teens to be active from a young age sets good habits early on and helps them develop the skills they need to stay active throughout their lives.

Children who don’t get enough physical activity are at a greater risk of becoming overweight or obese. This makes it harder for them to be active and keep up in sport or play. Additionally, being overweight can also make kids more prone to conditions such as asthma, flat feet and joint sprains. In the long term, it can contribute to conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and liver disease,” she continued.

“To help kids and teens be active every day, they need opportunities for sport, play and exercise at school, after school and on weekends. The REC Centre provides various activities that can assist in keeping kids fit,” Annah concluded.

To book a spot at Fit Kids or for information on other programs please call 6746 3122. If you go to the answering service, please leave your info/query and contact details.

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On behalf of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is extending a cordial invitation inviting residents to attend the laying of a project commencement plaque for the Quipolly Water Project on Wednesday April 18.

“The ceremony will commence at 10m at the Quipolly Dam on Lowes Creek Road, Quipolly. We’d like you to join in this event marking the official commencement of one of the biggest projects LPSC has ever undertaken and which when completed will provide major benefits to current and future residents and businesses. For further details you can visit, follow on Facebook @lpscwaterproject or call 02 6746 4510,” he said.

Councillor Hope said work is underway on several economic development priorities that were agreed to at an Economic Development Workshop held late last year. “These projects include the Regional Economic Development Strategy, the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) review and the establishment of a Business Advisory Group.”

“As part of the Werris Creek David Taylor Oval improvements, seating for the grandstand and a PA have been ordered. Handrails have been installed and a disabled access path is underway. A Development Application (DA) has been lodged in relation to the proposed Freedom Camping Area and is currently under assessment,” Councillor Hope continued.

“A new incursion into the LPS area is the weed Chilean Needle Grass. This was located along Warrah Creek Road, it has now been treated and is being monitored closely,” he said.

“Council encourages local businesses to consider options to grow their operations. Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business and help you on your journey to business success. A workshop Optimising for the Future, will be held at Tamworth Services Club on Wednesday April 11 from 8:30am to 11:30am.
The cost is $25 and you can register and find more details at Through Business Connect you can also access one-on-one business advisory sessions during which you and your Business Advisor will collaboratively develop actions for you to work on to achieve your goals. The first 4 hours of one-on-one business advice is free. Register with the Department of Industry to be eligible at Upon registration you can also take advantage of workshops and seminars.
Further advisory sessions are available for $25 per hour or you can choose a package of 6 hours of face to face business advisory sessions for $125., is the link for further details,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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1   Ron Van Katwyk George Calder Ms Linda Sadler  Doug Hawkins 1Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) GM, Ron Van Katwyk, and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Doug Hawkins, welcomed Ms Linda Sadler and Mr George Calder to the Australian family when they took the Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian citizenship ceremony held at the Council Chambers

“Citizenship ceremonies are special events. They fulfil requirements under Australian citizenship law. They also provide an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community. They are often an emotional experience for the new citizen, as well as their host and guests,” said Councillor Hawkins.

Mr Calder came from Scotland in 1960 and was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife Colleen. “I love this country and I’m finally a fully-fledged Aussie,” he said proudly.

Ms Sadler came to Australia from South Africa 5 years ago and two and a half years ago moved to Quirindi to be with her partner Ian who accompanied her for the event. “I’m absolutely delighted and really feel like I belong here now,” she said.

“Becoming an Australian citizen is an important decision as is accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. On behalf of our community I wish George and Linda the very best into the future as citizens of our great country,” Councillor Hawkins concluded.

LPSC GM Ron van Katwyk, George Calder, Linda Sadler and LPSC Deputy Mayor Doug Hawkins.

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Residents of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) Summerhill Lodge at Werris Creek who have moved into newly refurbished units are very pleased with the results of the current refurbishment program

“We have completed the refurbishment of 4 units, 5 are currently being done and when they are completed we will do the remaining 3,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Refurbishment works include new flooring, new kitchens, new bathrooms in some rooms, painting throughout, new window furnishings, new lighting and air conditioning where necessary,” he said.

Neville Bridge has lived at Summerhill Lodge for 15 years and recently moved from unit 4 to the newly refurbished unit 3.

“It is very good here. I’m very happy. My brother-in-law and nephew have visited and are very happy for me. I like it, it’s just great,” Neville said.

“Once all movement of residents and refurbishments are complete there will be a couple of units available to rent. We hope to have it all completed within 6 months,” Councillor Hope continued.

“Fire separation works have been undertaken and all up the completed works look really great,” he said.

“Council understands the importance of social housing being available in a community such as Werris Creek and Summerhill Lodge provides small, neat, self-contained units where residents can live independently,” he continued.

“The wellbeing of the residents is paramount and of course these refurbishments add value to a community owned asset,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Summerhill Lodge Wayne Moyer  Neville Bridge Summerhill Lodge Nevilles kitchen 3   Nevilles lounge room 5   New bathroom Room 9

LPSC’s venue management officer Wayne Moyer with long time Summerhill Lodge resident Neville Bridge outside his newly renovated Room 3.

The newly reburbished kitchen in Unit 4.

Neville’s newly renovated lounge room leads through to his freshly painted and refurbished bedroom.

Refurbishment of Unit 9 is almost complete including this new bathroom

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is urging residents to help celebrate the role of Seniors during the Shire’s Senior Festival, April 4 to 17, and the need to realise the ongoing support our Youth require during Youth Week celebrations, April 13 to 22.

“Our Seniors, persons aged 55+, account for 37.70% of the Shire’s population while our Youth, those aged 12 to 25, contribute 13.30%. Together, that’s 51% of the people who live here,” Councillor Hope said.

“The theme of the 2018 Senior’s Festival is Let's Do More Together. The Shire has organised numerous events during the Festival and we look forward to our Seniors participating and enjoying themselves.

“For the rest of us, we need to remember that every day our Seniors make an enormous contribution to our society. Nationally, those aged 55+ contribute an amazing $74.5 billion per year in unpaid caring and voluntary work. Our Seniors must be recognised for their role in building strong and healthy communities.

“We all have a part to play in ensuring that thoughtless negative attitudes about older people don’t translate into unfair treatment and social exclusion. Being labelled as ‘too old’ or ‘past their use-by date’ can result in them missing out on work, training, study and other opportunities. How unjust is it that around one in three people aged 55+ say they have experienced discrimination because of their age. One in five Australians aged 55 years or over claim that age is a major barrier to finding a job or getting more hours of paid work. More than one in four older Australians live in poverty, in fact people aged 65 years and over make up seven per cent of the nation’s homeless population,” he said.

“The theme for Youth Week 2018 is Unity Through Diversity. Youth Week is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views, act on issues that affect their lives, and create and enjoy activities and events.

“Our Youth also have many issues to deal with and as a society we have a responsibility to assist them in every way we can. Teenage depression, self-harm and suicide are major problems with a national report showing over a 12-month period one in seven children and young people experienced a mental disorder equating to 560,000 young Australians. Obesity, domestic violence, binge drinking, and teenage pregnancies are other problems faced by our youth.

“In the 2017 Mission Australia Youth Survey, for the first time in the survey’s history, young people identified mental health as the most important issue in Australia today. Concerns about mental health have doubled since 2015 and tripled since 2011. Many of the personal concerns reported by young people relate to their own mental health, including coping with stress, body image and depression, and mental health was also identified by many young people as a possible barrier to achieving their work or study goals after school. This reinforces that much more needs to be done to ensure that young people can access the right mental health supports when they need them, and we need to carefully watch and act if we see sudden changes in the behaviour of youth in our lives.

“More than half of young people saw barriers to achieving their post-school goals with the most common barriers being academic ability, financial difficulty plus mental health. These problems are worse for young people living in regional/rural areas. We need to ensure our young people have access to education and training, secure housing and support services, regardless of where they live or their family income, so all young people have the best opportunities for their future,” he continued.

“So, celebrate with our Seniors and Youth over the next couple of weeks as their events unfold but importantly remember all year round that things may not be as rosy as they appear for those we care about. We need to be aware, observant and prepared to assist at all times,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has reviewed and adopted its policy on Gifts and Benefits unchanged. The policy was originally introduced in 2007.

“In carrying out their role as Councillors, staff members and delegates of a local government body, individuals and/or groups will, from time to time, be offered gifts,” said LPSC Deputy Mayor, Councillor Doug Hawkins.

“Even something as simple as offering to shout Council employees or officials a cup of coffee or a meal are defined as gifts under the Policy,” he said.

“The acceptance of gifts and other benefits has the potential to compromise a Councillor’s and Council employee's position by creating a sense of obligation in the receiver and so undermining his/her impartiality. It can also affect the public’s perception of the integrity and independence of the Council and its employees.    

“The purpose of the Gifts and Benefits policy is to provide clear guidelines for Councillors, staff members and delegates to enable them to deal with any offer of a gift or benefit to protect Councillors, staff members and delegates from being compromised and to avoid the public perception of bias.

“It is also important to provide a safe working environment by removing situations which can cause undue stress and anxiety and to demonstrate to suppliers, citizens and other agencies that Council will deal with all matters in an impartial, open and accountable manner,” he said.

“The policy articulates a Councillor, member of staff or delegate must not seek or accept a bribe, or other improper inducement, nor take advantage of his or her official position to improperly influence other councillors, members of staff or delegates in the performance of their public or professional duties for the purpose of securing a private benefit for himself or herself or for some other person.

“Gifts and benefits are not to be solicited under any circumstances,” he continued.

“The Gifts and Benefits policy reflects current and exemplary practices in this matter,” Councillor Hawkins concluded.

The Gifts and Benefits Policy is available for viewing by the public on Council’s website.

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