Mobility scooter safety training program coming to Werris Creek

Liverpool Plains Shire (LPSC) Councillor, Virginia Black, is urging people utilising, or contemplating obtaining, a mobility scooter to book now for a mobility scooter safety training program, being facilitated by Werris Creek Home Support Service and to be held at the Werris Creek Railway Institute, Anzac Parade, on Wednesday September 27, from 10am.

“Even if you already own a scooter and importantly if you have not driven a scooter before, some basic training is in order, even if you have driven a car. Scooters are far easier to drive than a car, but there are still some pitfalls in driving safely,” Councillor Black said.

“This workshop will look at road rules, your safety, scooter maintenance and other issues associated with ownership,” she said.

“Flinders University, working with a number of user/advocacy groups released a survey on mobility scooter use and safety and their conclusion regarding safety is that scooters are a relatively safe way to travel, especially to local destinations, and that the areas where most improvement can occur are in user training,” she continued.

“This training will be conducted by Tamworth Scooters and Mobility who will also provide scooter servicing, if required, after the workshop.

“If you fail to have your scooter or powerchair serviced regularly, at least every 12 months, you risk the scooter developing problems that may lead to dangerous situations, and the inevitable costs involved. You may also void your warranty,” she said.

“For more information or to book your scooter in for a service please contact Werris Creek Home Support Service on 6768 7505.

“If you ask the question: Are scooters a safer form of transport than cars, or even walking?, then the answer is yes. Research done by Scooters Australia and presented to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), points to scooters being around 3 times as safe as driving a car, being a passenger in a car, or walking on the footpath. However, there are still responsibilities in using a mobility scooter to safeguard others using the streets and footpaths and only proper training can really prepare people,” Councillor Black concluded.

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