New format for LPSC Residential Water Bill provides more info


Water Bill new format 2

Feature highlights of the new bill include:

  1. Period that supply has been billed
  2. Graphical display of your Average Daily Consumption comparisons
  3. Usage charges applicable to your bill
  4. More payment options
  5. Handy hints (on the back) for how you can save on your bill
ccording to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, residential water bills have been sent out and most households should have or will shortly receive them.  

“Council has listened to residents requests for bills that are easier to understand and a bonus of the new format is that they are also cheaper to produce than the old style. They have far more consumer information available to help residents manage their water bills,” he said. 

Councillor Hope said some of the new features/benefits include;

  • Simple listing of the water readings across the page to give consumption, including the meter number the readings are derived from.
  • Clear indication of how the bill has been calculated across the page (consumption figure x rate).
  • What rate has been applied to the consumption.
  • Dates that the meter has been read to indicate the period that the bill covers.
  • The actual rate for charging is now on the bill, not some obscure attachment to a rates notice at the start of the year.
  • Average Consumption per day graph included so that consumers can compare their consumption on this bill, to the last one, and same time last year.
  • More payment options, including electronic banking methods.
  • Water saving ideas and consumer information (like links to see how to read your meter) on the back.
  • For the Non-Residential consumers, calculation of their sewer usage charges are transparent (including the value of their Sewer Discharge Factor).

“The NSW Government insists on Best-Practice Management of Water Supply by the responsible water utility. As part of the plans Council is implementing under its Best Practice project, this new bill format is an important step forward in regard to education and consumer awareness towards their water consumption and costs. This also helps Council demonstrate its aims to conserve urban water use in accordance with the National Water Intitative,” Councillor Hope said.

“LPSC is continuing its program to improve water security through its Water Supply Strategy which is designed to address high to extreme risks associated with short and long term water supply during extended drought periods, problems associated with capacity of water treatment, pressures from growth and increased demand for water and to overcome the high to extreme risk to supply security caused by reliance on a single water source. We also have to consider impacts of climate change and to address infrastructure funding constraints with the water billing revenue base insufficient to address all requirements.

“Importantly, all consumers need to realise what a valuable commodity water is and for everyone to play their part ensuring we conserve supply to the best of our ability,” he continued.

“If residents have any further enquiries regarding water supply and pricing they can contact Council’s Water Services Manager, during business hours, on 6746 1755,” Councillor Hope concluded. 

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