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Funding provided to enable renewal of critical pipework

At its March Ordinary Meeting, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) resolved to budget $28,000 from the Sewer Reserve to enable renewal of critical pipework within the Quirindi Sewerage Treatment Plan (QSTP) that was found to be in a poor structural condition following CCTV inspection.

LPSC’s A/Director Engineering and Technical Services, Greg Tory, reported that each year sections of Council’s reticulated sewer mains are proactively inspected in accordance with industry best practice and a commitment under the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) licence for the sewer system as part of a pollution reduction program. He said this year the majority of pipes within the QSTP were inspected as a precaution following the collapse of a portion of this pipework which was found to be caused by hydrogen sulphide attack on the pipes.

“Collapse of sewer mains can lead to the surcharge of raw sewerage through manholes to uncontrolled locations causing major disruption to daily operations while staff establish by-pass pumping, repair the collapse and contain and clean up the overflow. Such incidents must also be reported to the EPA,” Mr Tory said.

“Council is pro-active in trying to avoid such incidents and relining is seen as the most economical option, effectively renewing the pipe without the need for costly excavation or by-pass pumping. There are approximately 210 metres of main to be relined. By this method the existing pipe becomes a host to the new pipe with the relining estimated to last approximately 80 years,
“These pipes are the main feed to the Extended Aeration Tank (EAT) process which receives approximately 60% of the sewerage treated at the plant and produces a superior quality effluent than does the Trickling Filter Plant. The EAT is also designed to receive wet weather flows,” he continued.

“It is LPSC’s policy to provide safe, effective and resource efficient environmentally friendly sewerage systems utilising best practice principals,” Mr Tory concluded.

Media contact – Greg Tory 0427 073 770.