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Candidate and group registrations are open now for Councils holding local government elections September 10 2016

Under the NSW Local Government Act 1993, council elections are held on the second Saturday in September every 4 years. Local Government Minister Paul Toole has said that councils not proposed for a merger should plan for local government elections in September. As Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is not subject to amalgamations, it is now planning to conduct Councillor elections on Saturday 10 September 2016.

According to LPSC General Manager, Ron Van Katwyk, all candidates and groups standing in these elections are subject to the requirements for registration and election campaign finances. He said these requirements are regulated and enforced by the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC).

Mr Van Katwyk said the primary source of information for candidates and groups will be found at including relevant registration information and forms needed by candidates and groups.

He said LPSC has been advised that the NSWEC is not undertaking face-to-face candidate seminars and that in coming weeks the website will carry a series of presentations candidates can view and listen to which outline all of the relevant information, requirements and key dates with these online presentations replacing the face-to-face seminars.

The NSWEC website states that candidate and group registrations are open now. Registering for an election is a separate process from being nominated as a candidate for an election.

NSWEC information for Candidates - Candidates and groups must register with the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) before accepting political donations or incurring expenditure for an election.
All candidates and groups must appoint an official agent at the time of registration and notify the NSWEC of the agent's appointment.
Nominations will open at 6pm on Monday 1 August the same time that electoral rolls will close.

  • Nomination will close at 12 midday on Wednesday10 August when registration of election materials will commence.
  • Pre-poll voting will open Monday 29 August.
  • Registration of election materials will close at 5pm Friday September 2.
  • Postal vote applications close at 5pm Monday September 5. Declared Institution (DI) voting also commences at this time.
  • DI voting and pre-poll voting closes 6pm Friday September 9.
  • Voting will take place 8am – 6pm Saturday September 10.
  • Return of postal votes closes 6pm Monday September 12.

The NSWEC’s candidate handbook contains information about how and when to register. The handbook will soon be published on the website.

Returning Officers have instructions to refer candidates and groups to the website to obtain the registration forms and information about registration.

Candidates and groups can contact the NSWEC directly on 1300 022 011 or email if they have questions about registration or their election campaign finances.

Print advertising will be undertaken by the NSWEC prior to the elections to advise candidates and groups of the registration requirements and to refer people to the NSWEC website.

Media contact – Ron Van Katwyk 0428 667 159.