LPSC forthcoming Aerial Inspection Program for Priority Weeds

After a three year hiatus, due to severe drought conditions, Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) Biosecurity Officer will be undertaking aerial inspections for priority weeds, from a helicopter, between the period Monday 16 and Friday 20 November weather permitting.

Weeds   Protect the Liverpool PlainsThe aerial inspection program will assist Council’s Biosecurity Officer to ascertain priority weed occurrence and density in the Shire.

Aerial inspections are a cost effective way of getting across the Shire within a short timeframe.

Landowners will be notified if any infestations are found on their land with follow up on-ground inspections to guide landowners on how they can achieve their General Biosecurity Duty under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015.

If any landowner/Manager has any concerns could they please contact Council’s Biosecurity Officer, Mike Whitney, on 0427 961 980 to arrange an on ground inspection at a mutually convenient time.

A priority weed is a plant that has been assessed to cause severe economic loss to agriculture and significantly impact our natural and recreational environments. Taking action on weeds creates substantial environmental, social and economic advantages.

For a list of priority weeds on a State and regional level, visit www.weeds.dpi.nsw.gov.au

Alternately, the NSW WeedWise app provides key information to help users reduce the impact of priority weeds and can be downloaded for free via the Android or Apple app store.

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