Consultation to begin with businesses towards implementation of a Liquid Trade Waste Management framework

As one of the steps towards achieving NSW Department of Primary Industries Best Practice Water and Sewer Management (BPM) compliance, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) must implement a Liquid Trade Waste Management framework. Council will shortly be sending out relevant information to all Shire businesses to inform them of the need to implement these changes which will be phased in over time. 

LPSC is responsible for preventing contaminants entering the sewerage system and ensuring the health and safety of both the community and the environment is protected and meets its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licence requirements. Uncontrolled discharge of liquid trade waste into the sewerage system can cause serious problems to the infrastructure, environment and health and safety of workers.

In some cases, liquid trade waste contains toxic or harmful substances, such as oil, heavy metals, solids, organic solvents and even simple substances such as cooking oils. Uncontrolled or illegal discharge of trade waste causes serious problems in the sewerage system including flooding and overloading, blockages, corrosion, a hazardous work environment and even failure of the sewage treatment process.  

The Liquid Trade Waste Management System will be implemented to guarantee compliance with applicable legislation, introducing best practice to protect public health and safety along with that of employees and contractors as well as safeguarding infrastructure and the environment. LPSC is the only Council in the region that is still to implement a liquid trade waste management system for business premises.

To ensure Council is compliant with legislation it must monitor and control liquid trade waste being discharged to the sewer. This will involve a liquid trade waste application/agreement, an  inspection and an annual fee relevant to each businesses’ operations.

User pay philosophy requires the framework to involve implemention of Best Practice Pricing, which includes a determination of service and pricing levels based on long term strategic business planning and full cost recovery principles.

LPSC is committed to working with businesses to implement the new Liquid Trade Waste Management System and will keep all stakeholders informed as the process moves forward.

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