Latest research augers well for growth in RV Market

Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope has welcomed the latest research showing rapid and continuing market growth, significant economic value and environmental and social benefits through partnerships with the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry.

“This meshes nicely with our experience across the Shire as we’ve rolled out new and upgraded Freedom Camping areas/caravan park, while partnering with several RV organisations to promote what’s on offer. The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) is focused on good outcomes for its thousands of members and has provided invaluable assistance to Council understanding the requirements of campers,” Councillor Hope said. 

“It’s a satisfying feeling and highlights the economic potential when you get a message from the Administrator of the Facebook Page saying on behalf of the group I would like to extend our gratitude for implementing the Freedom Camps within your catchment. We are more than 22,000 members, and grateful for the opportunity to stay over in our RV or tents in a safe and convenient location. I have personally visited Currabubula, Wallabadah, Willow Tree and hope to see more soon. You will be aware that travellers, Grey Nomad or otherwise, make a point of spending money in the townships where they stay. It is this group’s credo to support country pubs and the campsite must be within an easy stroll. The ones I mentioned fit that criteria.   

“There is no doubt word of mouth recommendation is priceless! RVers know where they’re made to feel welcome, because travellers talk to fellow travellers. They need to spend their money on the daily essentials and as ACC research shows they return to spend their money at friendly towns and attractions, to support those communities that support them. In fact, RV travellers spend patterns, an ACC survey says just over $100 per day, are more like residents, they spend directly into the community, mainly on day-to-day needs,” he said.    

“Figures released by Tourism Research Australia show significant increases in nights spent in both commercial and non-commercial caravan parks and camping ground. They reveal that in the year ending December 2016, caravan parks and commercial camping grounds saw increases of 12% to 33.3 million nights and non-commercial caravan parks and camping grounds increased by 22% to 18.3 million nights.

“The industry is the fastest growing domestic tourism sector in Australia and has been for the past 19 years. It is forecast it will increase rapidly as the Baby Boomer generation commences retirement travel, with this segment identified as a major growth market with a preference for drive holidays. The Australian Caravan Club says there are about 120,000 recreational vehicles on the road at any given time and RV tourists are set to dominate tourism activity in regional Australia,” he continued.

“I’m pleased to see that numerous other Councils are discovering the benefits of catering to the RV market. There’s plenty to go around. Research conducted by the Campervan and Motor Home Club of Australia (CMCA) with 65,000+ members has also shown that the RV market relies on various types of facility. 33% will only stay in a commercial caravan and camping grounds, 16% will only stay in non-commercial RV friendly sites and 51% will stay in a mixture of commercial and non-commercial caravan and camping grounds,” he said.

When you consider the RV tourist spends around 163 days travelling annually, with an estimated 120,000 RVs on the road at any one time and this figure growing at around 9% per year and on average they spend three days at each stop that they make, the potential is enormous. A lot of business is available simply maintaining their replenishment cycle.

“It would be great if we could see them spend as many as possible of their 163 days exploring what the New England / North-West has to offer by way of natural beauty, history, friendly communities and affordable stop overs,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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