A special gift to our children

Story Time 2Liverpool Plains Shire (LPSC) Councillor Virginia Black, is urging parents and carers to consider taking their kids along to Storytime at the Quirindi and Werris Creek libraries to help enhance their language proficiency.

“We all know the value and importance of reading to children and allowing them to explore books on their own. Sadly, a study of 1,000 parents has shown that 34% never read with their kids. It is unfortunate that in today’s busy world, many parents often struggle to find the time to read to them,” Councillor Black said  

“Language helps us understand ourselves and make sense of the world. Books and stories help children develop language and thinking. Children who enjoy reading are likely to become confident learners. It can become a favourite hobby they go on to enjoy all their lives. Stories can even help children deal with the problems and fears they face in everyday life,” she said.

“Attending Storytime at Quirindi Library (Mondays at 10.30am) or Werris Creek Library (Tuesdays 11.30am) can provide a lot of benefits for your children. During the first few years, a child’s brain undergoes significant development. To provide a strong brain structure for future learning, children need experiences such as sharing books and talking together.

“There are many other benefits as well, including,enhancing language proficiency,growing literary insight, promoting communication skills, boosting listening skills and assiting to  make future academic learning easier.

“Additionally, it can broaden horizons by exposing children to different cultures and countries. Diverse stories give children a broader understanding of the world. It can also help them face difficult situations with Storytime a non-threatening way to introduce topics dealing with conflict and creating real world connection. Importantly it encourages imagination and creativity,” she continued.

“Children watch others become engaged in a storytime and learn from each other. They are exposed to a wide variety of authors and writing styles, learn vital school readiness skills like sitting still for a period of time, how to pay attention to an adult other than a parent, how to take turns, and how to be reasonably quiet!” she said. 

“Do your child a favour and introduce them to the library at an early age, they’ll have a friend for life. There is more to the library than just books, so let them discover this special world. Even if you don’t enjoy reading or find it a struggle, you still need to show children that reading is important and Storytime at your library is a great place to start. Call in and have a chat to Marcela at Quirindi or Marilyn at Werris Creek about the benefits the library offers your kids,” Councillor Black concluded.

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