Current status for Quirindi and Werris Creek water supplies

Water Supply Status Sept 2017Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) says that recent reports that Quirindi will face water restrictions in the near future are not true and that reserves are in fact in a very healthy position. 

“Groundwater levels in Quirindi are in the highest band of the last 10 years of historical records and despite rainfall for the last 3 months only registering 33mm, 19mm of which fell on one day in August, there is no need for water restrictions apart from the Level P (Permanent) restriction that applies to all Shire supplies at all times,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

Level P (Permanent) restrictions encourage people to conserve water by avoiding watering during the heat of the day, washing down paved services with high pressure hoses and using pool covers to reduce evaporation.

“The warmer, dryer weather we’ve experienced of late has seen production in Quirindi up on average for this time of year, more like an early summer average rate of production, but this is no cause for concern,” Councillor Hope said.

“Council is currently working on the replacement of Bore 6 however the current production requirement is being met by the remaining two bores and Bore 6 should be back on line shortly,” he continued. 

“In Werris Creek, the warmer weather has meant we’ve already had to boost running times at the water treatment plant to approximately 12 hours per day. As such, we ask Werris Creek residents to be water wise and conscious of the fact that unnecessary use and wastage may require us to introduce a higher water conservation regime to maintain supply sooner than would otherwise be necessary.   

“Werris Creek’s problem is not available water, Quipolly Dam currently sits at around 80% of its new level capacity, rather the old treatment plant which has limitations on the amount of water it can produce. When the plant is nearing 24 hours per day operation to meet requirements we have no choice other than to up conservation measures to try and meet demand,” he said.

“Negotiations with the State Government continue, to get them to match the $10 million Federal funding that has been provided towards a new water treatment plant that will overcome the problems currently faced in Werris Creek. We have put a lot of work into our applications for assistance and are hopeful we will be successful in receiving funding through their next round of announcements,” he continued.

“Water is a valuable commodity and while all of Council’s 8 supplies are currently in a healthy position I urge all consumers to be water wise at all times as we can never be sure of when the next rains that will top up supplies will occur,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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