State Government financial assistance will see completion of Regional Water Supply Scheme finally become a reality

“Thankyou for partnering to make a vision a reality,” Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope said, following the announcement the State Government will provide $10 million and join with Council and the Federal Government to complete the Shire’s Regional Water Supply Scheme (RWSS).

Werris creek Water treatment

Member for Upper Hunter Michael Johnsen MP, LPSC Mayor Councillor Andrew Hope and Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson at the announcement of a $10 million commitment by the State Government to allow completion of the Regional Water Supply Scheme.  They are pictured atop Werris Creek’s current Water Treatment Plant which will become redundant when the new facility is commissioned. 

“This partnership has seen a safety upgrade plus capacity augmentation at Quipolly Dam, completion of the Wallabadah Alternate Water Supply project and completion of the Quirindi to Willow Tree water pipeline and its associated infrastructure. The State Government announcement will allow the erection of a new Water Treatment Plant to help overcome Werris Creek’s water supply issues and to address future supply requirements. Additionally, we’ll construct the pipelines necessary to connect up the Shire’s water supply network to help safeguard supply and drought proof our major population centres,” Councillor Hope said.

To get to our current position constructing the RWSS the following grant money has been utilised:

$480 thousand - Murray Darling Basin fund to study water supply adaption to less water (Federal Gov)
$400 thousand - Development of study for water supply adaption to provide Concepts - RWSS Shovel Ready work (Federal Gov)
$2.1 million - Safety Upgrade for Flood capacity works at Quipolly Dam (NSW Gov)
$2 million - Increased storage works for Quipolly Dam (NSW Gov - via CMA)
$380 thousand - Wallabadah Alternate Water Source drought proofing project (NSW Gov)
$4.8 million - Willow Tree Pipeline drought proofing project (NSW Gov)

LPSC has also received a commitment of $10 million dollars towards this project facilitated by Federal MP Barnaby Joyce, which is dependent upon a funding partnership with the NSW State Government.

“On behalf of Council and the Shire’s residents I sincerely thank State MPs Michael Johnsen and Kevin Anderson for their efforts towards achieving this support from the State Government and Federal MP Barnaby Joyce for his commitment to it,” Councillor Hope said.

“This project has had its share of detractors and pessimists who claimed it would never come to fruition. Over 11 years, since its conception, LPSC has stayed focused on ensuring it did become a reality and I think it is a wonderful legacy to leave future generations, a safe, dependable water supply,” he said.

“Major thanks must go to the commitment of Council’s Water Services Manager, Rod Batterham, and his team who developed a concept beginning in 2006, and through many hours of dedicated work have developed plans, developed business cases and sought and gained funding to bring the many parts of the project together until now we see the final pieces fall into place. In many ways, the RWSS is to the LPS a mini version of what the Snowy Mountains Scheme was for the Nation,” he continued.

“Apart from the obvious benefits of a safe, reliable water supply for consumers, it also provides opportunities for economic development through the ability to offer a secure supply to industries looking to relocate,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Project Timeline

  • Oct-06 - First Concept of RWSS scoped by Water Services Manager
  • Apr-07 - First presentation and report to LPSC Councillors of RWSS project (No Willow Tree pipeline in scope)
  • Jul-08 - Design Brief let for Design of Quipolly Dam upgrade
  • Mar-09 - Design commenced on Quirindi 5ML Reservoir off Callaghan’s Lane
  • Jul-09 - Commencement of Design for Upgrade, and Increased Storage of Quipolly Dam
  • Sep-09 - NSW Dam Safety Committee endorses with LPSC's Design for the Upgrade of Quipolly Dam
  • Jan-10 - Commenced construction of Quirindi 5ML Reservoir
  • Jan-10 - Commenced seeking approvals for Quipolly Dam upgrade
  • Feb-10 - Completion of Quipolly Dam Early Warning System
  • Jun-10 - LPSC receives grant seed funding from the Federal Government to study adaption to water supply issues in the Murray Darling Basin
  • Oct-10 - Completed construction of Quirindi 5ML Reservoir
  • Dec-11 - Approvals required for Quipolly Dam upgrade completed
  • Jun-12 - Commenced construction of Quipolly Dam upgrade works
  • Apr-13 - Completed construction of Quipolly Dam upgrade works
  • Apr-13 - Commencement of Quipolly Dam Recreation Area Stage 1 works
  • Nov-13 - LPSC receives grant funding from the Federal Government to undertake Concept Design work on RWSS
  • Mar-14 - Commenced RWSS Concept Study report to achieve "Shovel Ready" status
  • Jun-14 - Funding applications for the Willow Tree pipeline and Wallabadah alternate water supply submitted
  • Aug-14 - Commencement of the Wallabadah Alternate Water Supply project
  • Dec-14 - RWSS is "Shovel Ready"
  • Dec-14 - Completion of the Wallabadah Alternate Water Supply project
  • May-15 - LPSC completes its section of the works for the Willow Tree pipeline project (Duke and Russell Streets water mains)
  • Jun-15 - Commencement of the major works for the Willow Tree pipeline
  • Dec-15 - Completion of the major works for the Willow Tree pipeline
  • Aug-16 - Federal Government writes to LPSC committing to $10M for the Upgrade of the Liverpool Plains regional water supply project
  • Sep-16 - Quipolly Dam fills to new increase capacity for first time since upgrade
  • Apr-17 - NSW Government announces RWSS is one of 8 shortlisted projects for new Safe & Secure funds

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