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Mr Qingliang Chen (Jason), Miss Carly Robinson and Mr Marconcepcion Ignacio (Father Vic) were welcomed to the Australian Family when they participated in a citizenship ceremony held at the Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Chambers and attended by a large number of family and friends.

“There is no greater privilege than our Australian citizenship. It’s a life-long commitment to our Nation’s values of freedom, democracy, respect and equality,” Councillor Hope said.            

“It was a moving experience seeing so many attend the ceremony, as it provided the opportunity for local people, whether citizens by birth or by choice, to come together to acknowledge what’s great about being Australian.

“As we wish out new citizens well as part of the Australian family it is timely also to reflect on the values of Australian citizenship and the contributions of these citizens to our local communities,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Further information regarding Citizenship, Australian Citizenship Forms and eligibility criteria can be obtained from the Department of Home Affairs at or by phoning 131 881.

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, and GM, Ron Van Katwyk, (left) conducted the citizenship ceremony for Mr Qingliang Chen, Miss Carly Robinson and Mr Marconcepcion Ignacio (3, 4 & 5 from left) and pictured with LPSC Deputy Mayor, Councillor Paul Moules, and Councillors Ian Lobsey OAM and Rob Webster.

A   ceremony 1

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According to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, with warmer weather developing, unpromising rainfall outlooks in the foreseeable future and the drought crisis heading into uncharted water, it is more important than ever that as a community we continue to look out for each other, ask our family and friends RUOK? on a regular basis and to monitor those close to us for any small changes in behaviour that may provide warning signals regarding their mental health and wellbeing.

“The resilience of our population to date through this crisis has been quite remarkable. However, we all know drought is a major source of stress for farmers and others in rural communities. Agricultural workers have the highest self-harm rates compared to other occupational groups and of major concern the incidence of drought-related stress is higher amongst young farmers, so awareness of things to look out for and knowing where to seek help is vital,” he said.

RUOK 1B“We all have a part to play in helping to protect our loved ones from self-harming and this includes helping to dispel common myths and misinformation that can increase stigma, shame and guilt experienced by people suffering depression. Dispelling a common myth that there is nothing that can protect someone from self-harming is critical. While such behaviour is complex, it is known that suicide is not inevitable and may be prevented,” he continued.

“We need to keep in mind that people in rural communities are less likely to access health services, either a primary care general practitioner or a mental health professional. Studies have discovered that 50% of rural workers feel they prefer to manage themselves rather than access help for physical health needs, and a staggering 75% prefer to manage themselves rather than access help for mental health needs. 41% of all rural workers studied stated they ‘didn’t think anything could help regarding their mental health and 30% were concerned about what others thought or that their mental health issues would not stay private. Stoicism and a tendency to self-reliance can be a protective mechanism to mental health problems but also a barrier to finding help when it is most urgently needed.

“These are worrying statistics and emphasise the need for us all to be vigilant and to support one another. If someone’s normal persona changes, they make comments like ‘I’ve had enough” or ‘I could just end it all’, remember, they are signs or cries for help,” he said.

“There is help available for farmers and others in rural communities whose mental wellbeing is impacted by drought including, The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) which provides a range of information services to individuals, communities and service providers to link rural and remote people to the help they need. You can find out more about this service online at or call Sarah Green on 0428 109 990.

“Other useful contacts are Community Mental Health Line 1800 011 511, Mensline Australia available 24/7 1300 789, Beyondblue depression information line 1300 224 636, Lifeline 131 114, Australian Red Cross 1800 660 066 and Black Dog Institute 9382 4530,” he continued.

“What we have to ensure is that no one thinks they are alone without support and that we all play our role in this regard,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Werris Creek Library will host BattleBots, on Wednesday October 2, a school holidays event for ages 8 to 14 year olds.

Werris Creek librarian, Marilyn Deeks, said attendees will be able to build and remotely operate a hostile robot using VEX IQ robotic kits.

“After they are built and operational attendees will face off against one another in the ‘battle arena’ increasing the skills as they proceed,” Marilyn said.

“The event will be held between 10.30am and midday and it essential that a place be booked in advance as numbers are limited. Call into the library or call 6768 7340 to register a place.

“Werris Creek library is staging this event with Central Northern Regional Library and Library Innovation Studio,” she said.

“School holiday events such as this are about fun, creativity and learning through exploring technology so hope to see your child /children in this age group attend,” Marilyn concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is advising residents and motorists that during the week commencing Monday 23 September, weather permitting, a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)  crew will commence longitudinal re-marking of MR 126 which runs from Highway 29, Kamilaroi Highway/Lennox Street Quirindi via Loder, Nelson, Whittaker, George, Henry and Dewhurst Streets thence Wallabadah Road to Highway 9, the New England Highway.

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, said this project will take approximately two days.  

“Work within Quirindi will be undertaken outside peak times and will present minimal inconvenience to the motoring public. Following this, some other streets in various parts of the Shire will also be remarked,” he said.

“All motorists are requested to be mindful of the line-marking vehicles and to drive with caution as you approach and pass through work sites as well as obeying any speed restrictions and other advisory signs,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is required to have a Pesticide Use Notification Plan in place in accordance with the provisions of the Pesticides Act 1999 and associated Regulation 2017. In accordance with section 6 of the current Plan, a review is currently underway.  

The draft Pesticide Use Notification Plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2017 and is currently on public exhibition. Written submissions and comments on this draft document can be submitted up until 4pm Wednesday 2 October. The draft documents can be viewed at Council’s Administration Centre, on Council’s website at or an email copy can be obtained by request to

The aim of the Plan is to inform the community about pesticide applications Council makes, or allows to be made, on public places that it owns or manages. The plan allows members of the community to take any such action to avoid contact with pesticides, if they wish. However, it does not mean that the use of pesticides can be prevented in these areas.

The Plan sets out how Council will notify members of the community of pesticide applications made on, and to, public places. LPSC ensures that registered pesticides are applied to public places in a safe, responsible manner, minimising harm to the community or the environment.

This Plan describes what public places are covered, who regularly uses these public places along with an estimate of the level of use, how and when Council will provide the community with information about its Pesticide applications in public places, how the community can access this Plan and obtain more information about Council’s notification arrangements, how future reviews of the Plan will be conducted and where to obtain further information.

This scheduled review of the Pesticide Use Notification Plan will ensure that Council meets its legislative obligations and continues to work towards accepted best practice. Upon conclusion of the exhibition period a further report will be submitted to Council along with responses to any submissions made by the community or interested stakeholders.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) currently has on public exhibition its draft Community Engagement and Participation Plan. Shire residents are invited to make submissions on the document by 4pm Wednesday 2 October. The draft document can be viewed at Council’s Administration Centre, at or an email copy can be obtained via a request to

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, said Council is strongly committed to open and accountable democracy that involves and includes the people it serves and represents.

“The Community Engagement and Participation Plan has been developed to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to all engagement activities currently undertaken by Council, and to provide a framework that facilitates understanding and decision-making. It has been developed using feedback received from the community about how they want to be informed and engaged with,” he said.  

“A framework for engagement and participation will help to assure the community that LPSC is

committed to the process, which will, in turn, facilitate better relationships with residents, ratepayers and allow for more informed decision making. A key part of engagement with the community is to ensure it is timely, considerate and meaningful, that Council is clear about its engagement objectives and how feedback and input will be used to support decision making,” he continued.

Councillor Hope said the policy is designed to ensure that engagement with the community is conducted in a coordinated way that works well for all concerned and that the community is informed about the planning matters that affect it. He said the aim is to work closely with the community, stakeholders and staff to create a culture of genuine and relevant engagement that facilitates effective and ongoing partnerships and provides opportunities for the community to participate in strategic planning, as early as possible, in order to enable community views to be genuinely considered.

“The policy is about fostering informed decision-making through involvement and inclusiveness and by creating and promoting opportunities for effective participation and collaboration. It is vital that the community understands how they can participate in planning decisions by providing such information in plain language, in accessible locations, and allowing the needs and concerns of the community to be identified and addressed wherever possible,” he said.

“Good governance is best achieved by facilitating open, fair and constructive dialogue. In fact, a key theme of this policy is accountability and transparency through enhancing opportunities for all members of the community to participate in the decisions made by their Council. It is an ongoing process and we will continue to explore new and innovative ways to listen to and engage with community members,” he continued.

“I encourage community members to examine this policy and to make a submission if you’d like to comment on the draft. Council values democratic representation and genuine engagement with residents and ratepayers that promotes ownership, a sense of belonging plus smart decision making for the betterment of our community through future planning that enhances the social, economic and environmental prosperity of our Shire,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Ahead of Mental Health Month, to be held in October, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is encouraging Shire residents who are mental health carers, consumers, inpatients and anybody with a lived experience of mental illness to participate in a photography competition that is being run by Sydney Local Health District and open to participants state-wide.

“The theme of the competition is My Tribe and photos are being sought that portray people that entrants feel comfortable around and/or places you feel comfortable being. It can be your family, friends, relatives or an iconic person in your life. It can be a event that you attend, a gathering that you hang out at, or a place that you visit to refresh and be inspired,” Councillor Hope said.

“Entrants are requested, in a maximum of 100 words, to tell about the people and places where you feel acknowledged, accepted and loved to accompany the photograph and to give it a title that captures your ideas.

“Entry is free, and the winner of the competition will receive $300, with $200 for second place and $100 for third. Photos with the accompanying short story must be submitted by Monday 30 September. More information and registration details can be found online at,” he continued.

Councillor Hope said the theme for Mental Health Month is Share the Journey.

“During October, connection both in terms of ways an individual can connect, but also the things we can all do to create communities where people feel safer and more connected when things aren’t going well will be examined.

“Sharing the Journey means working together to strengthen our community by supporting people going through difficult times and enabling everyone to have the best possible mental health. Nearly half of all Australians, 45%, will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime, and those that don’t will most likely know someone that does. But there’s still a lot of stigma and confusion around the topic and that’s where learning and growing comes in,” he said.

“It is well documented the impacts that drought can have on mental health and wellbeing in rural communities such as ours. The message is whether you reach out to someone who might be feeling a bit lost or find a way to connect with others when you need some help, building positive social connection is something we can all try and do,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire music lovers are in for a treat when West End musical star Peter Cousens and legendary flautist Jane Rutter join forces to present an extraordinary afternoon of musical romance, performing popular classical pieces and romantic songs by some of the world’s greatest popular composers including Gershwin, Cole Porter, Massenet, Offenbach, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ravel, Lehar, Lerner and Loewe, and Bernstein at your Royal Theatre commencing at 2pm on Sunday 15 September. Allow Jane and Peter to take you on a romantic journey, with best-loved songs from Peter’s starring roles in West Side Story, Camelot, Showboat, Aspects of Love, The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Misérables plus featuring luscious romantic pieces from Jane’s 23 solo albums. Tickets available at

“There is always something quite breathtaking about watching artists at the peak of their genius perform and ‘Matinee Idols, Evening Stars’ exemplifies this. The sublime and seeming effortlessness of each artist belies years of work and hours of practice and is a joy to watch.” – North Sydney News.

Jane Rutter and Peter Cousens 2

Peter and Jane have attained ‘national treasure’ status in Australia as a truly sensational duo and their debut Sydney Opera House Concert Hall performance for this show was a sell-out.

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Councillor Andrew Hope, Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC), has welcomed the roll out of new signage to provide more information to Recreational Vehicle and other tourists about the many attractions the Shire has to offer. Council was successful in gaining funding through the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program to undertake the project which was identified through the community consultation process.

Tourism signageLPSC Economic Development Officer, Ian George, said the new signage has been installed at the Freedom Camping Grounds at Willow Tree, Werris Creek, Premer, Wallabadah, Currabubula, Spring Ridge, Blackville and Warrah Creek as well as the Quirindi Caravan Park. He said the work has been carried out by local company B2 Signs

“This signage is being rolled out in parallel with other improvements at Freedom Camping Areas and the Caravan Park, to make our facilities more attractive to visitors, to make it easier for them to get around and encourage them to spend a few days discovering what we have to offer plus further boosting economic flow on to our local communities,” Ian concluded.

The new LPS tourism signage includes promotion for the Australian Railway Monument, Who’d A Thought It Lookout, the First/Second Fleet Memorial Gardens, the Kamilaroi Display and Visitor Information Centre, the Heritage Village, Historical Society Cottage, Quipolly Dam Recreation Area, Bob’s Shed, Stock Brands on George Street, Farming Heartland, the Royal Theatre and Sunflower Drive.

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Details have been released for Hangi in the Country III which will take place between 25 and 27 October, and according to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, this year’s event will be even bigger and better.

“This will be the third year that our friends from Sister City, Blacktown City Council, visit the Shire to share in a weekend of social and cultural fun with events for people of all ages. This year’s event is billed as Hangi in the Country – World Café. It is a wonderful relationship we have with Blacktown City and it is greatly valued and appreciated by our community, Councillor Hope said.

Timetable of events for Saturday 26:

WORLD CAFE YOUTH FORUM - RFS Fire Control Centre, 124 Pryor St, Quirindi.

  • 8.30am : Welcome and opening
  • 8.40am : Keynote address
  • 9.00am : Performance by Rap 4 Change
  • 9.15am : World Café Forum and outline of group project
  • 10 to 10.15am : Morning tea (provided)
  • 11.30am to 12.30pm : Topic presentations, open discussion and closing remarks
  • 12.30 to 1pm : Lunch (provided). Students should wear uniforms but can change gear during this break.
  • 1 to 2pm : Treasure hunt

Jay LagaaiaCouncillor Hope said students should register for this by event by contacting LPSC’s Visitor Information Centre Manager, Nikki Robertson, 0427 936 990 or emailing at


  • 11am : Free Live Elvis Concert with David Cazalet
  • 2pm : Free live Children's Show with Jay Laga'aia
  • 6:30pm : Hangi in the Country - Dinner + Entertainment - Doors open 6:30pm - Traditional Maori Hangi Dinner, Foods of the World + Showcase Performances and Special guest Jay Laga'aia

Councillor Hope said for more details and to book tickets for the Hangi in the Country dinner go to

“This year the visitors from Blacktown will be travelling by coach and there will be an official welcome on the afternoon of Friday 25, at the Heritage Village. Times for this welcome will be announced nearer to the day,” Councillor Hope said.

“Last year, the Blacktown music group Rap 4 Change proved very popular at Hangi events and visited a number of local schools presenting workshops that revolved around music and mental health. They are returning this year and have sourced funding to allow them to do more in-depth workshops this time on school days preceding the Hangi event. Shire schools that are interested in having them attend should contact Nikki Robertson on 0427 936 990,” he said.

“Our Sister City relationship with Blacktown City is quite amazing. Blacktown City is a metropolitan council with a population of about 337,000 people while we are a vast rural shire with a population of about 8,000. Their kindness and generosity to us during the drought crisis has been nothing short of phenomenal and we look forward to sharing and showing them a great time when they visit for Hangi in the Country III, Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, has paid tribute to the work done to date by the community proponents of the LP Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, which will run between Quirindi War Memorial and Werris Creek War Memorial Swimming pool, for setting a strong and clear vision for a project that offers multiple benefits to the Shire and for pursuing it with a passion.

“The goal is to build Australia’s most substantial memorial to the Kokoda Track. It will consist of a concrete walkway, approximately 20 kilometres long, 2.5 metres wide with 1.5 metres either side of the track to be grassed and maintained. It will acknowledge and honour the soldiers who were part of the battles along the track in defence of our Nation. The walkway will include 22 storyboards, one for each village along the track, which will tell the story of Kokoda and where the battles were fought. Stories of heroism and gallantry will be told along the way, stories that we can relate to and all be proud of. It has the capacity to be an iconic Australian memorial attraction,” Councillor Hope said.

Kokoda Track Memorial“As well as being an outstanding memorial, the walkway generates a number of opportunities that will provide significant value to the wider community. It certainly has great potential to boost tourism, to support existing local attractions and other initiatives that have been undertaken in the tourism area, including attracting more freedom campers to spend a few days in the Shire.  

“It will be developed in such a way that it promotes healthy lifestyles and wellbeing and will allow for sporting and recreational events such as town to town foot races and bicycle races. It will be wheelchair friendly allowing them to stage events and will have a dedicated horse-riding track allowing for recreational riding including ‘riding for the disabled’.

“School history curriculums will be supported, utilising hi-tech interactive technology, paving the way for it to be an attraction for educational visits. The development of a relationship with Kokoda Track communities is under investigation with the prospect of hosting students into our local schools and communities. As the economic flow on from the project grows assistance to those communities may be possible, adding an international concept to the project,” he said.

“The sunflower is proposed as the project signature, primarily because it is extensively harvested locally and already attracts many visitors to the region. Sunflowers will be planted annually along The Walkway with the planned development of an annual sunflower maze. Shelter, rest and water stations will also be spaced along the route and will take the form of redundant but refurbished railway carriages, providing a nice connection to Werris Creek’s railway heritage and its importance to local tourism.  

“Three outdoor fitness stations are planned to be located along The Walkway, allowing visitors to not only enjoy the walk but also work on their general fitness and wellbeing and at their own pace. These will be professionally designed, low tech and robust in construction. Additionally, there will be two picnic locations with BBQ facilities, seating and shade and children’s playgrounds provided for family outings providing places to have fun and relax in a healthy environment.

“As the project evolves, noteworthy contributions from indigenous Australians, the Navy,

Airforce, Nurses and others will be incorporated to enhance the value and connection that the Australian public will have with our Walkway. This project will connect and resonate with large numbers of people,” he continued.

“Like all great visions this project comes with a price tag, currently estimated at $6,250,000. Already, a significant number of both State and Federal politicians have offered their support to the project. A number of prominent Australians have also responded positively to the concept and will become ‘Track Supporters’ once the project receives the formal ‘green light’.

“The proponent’s next goal is a feasibility study which will cost $115,000. This study is necessary as a steppingstone to seeking grant funding from both Federal and State Governments as well as support from various organisations including the Returned Services League, public and private companies and individuals. They are running fundraisers, including an already booked out ‘Rugby and Kokoda Long Luncheon’ at the Royal Theatre on Friday 30 August. This event will feature noted Kokoda historian Bill James supported by Vintage Wallabies Greg Cornelsen and David Carter who will exchange views on rugby, including the upcoming Rugby World Cup, with former All Black, and now local resident Grant Batty. Grant has taken on the daunting task as project manager for the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway,” he said.

“LPSC supports this community vision and a Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway Committee is now a formally constituted Advisory Group formed under Council’s authority to ensure a transparent process and to involve the wider community. Council’s Economic Development team will provide advice and support to the project. It will be included in the Shire’s Pedestrian Access Management Plan to enhance liveability and amenity for residents and visitors, and to facilitate funding applications. Council is committed to assisting the advisory group to seek all avenues of funding available to support a project such as this, mindful of the many benefits that can flow to our community from its success.

“I’d like to pay tribute to the work to date on this project by Doug Hawkins and Grant Batty. Their commitment to successfully develop a memorial, befitting the commemoration of those who served our Nation through one of Australia’s most iconic military campaigns, is remarkable as is their vision to make it a multipurpose, functional asset that will benefit the community and visitors alike,” he continued.  

“I encourage the whole community to recognise their efforts and assist them towards making the project a reality by supporting the campaign raising funds for the feasibility study. Whether you’re an individual, organisation or business, if you would like to contribute to this vision, you can make a donation, no matter how small, at Council’s Customer Service Desk, where you will receive a receipt or contact Grant Batty at for more information about how you can be involved. As I said, this is a visionary project that deserves your support,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is encouraging Shire households to dispose of unwanted household chemicals, for free, on Friday 30 August, between 9am and 4pm, at the waste depot situated on Merinda Road Quirindi.  

Chemical cleanout“Your home is full of potentially harmful household chemicals, everyday products like bleach, oven cleaners, drain de-cloggers, and insect and weed killers. Treat those household chemicals like the toxic materials they are and dispose of them as hazardous waste,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Risks include poisonous or toxic liquids and fumes, fire, explosions, they can mix with other chemicals and cause a dangerous reaction as well as corroding other materials. They can endanger you, your family and the environment,” he said.

“This free disposal day, for up to 20 litres or 20 kilograms, is held in collaboration with Northern Inland Regional Waste and provides the opportunity for householders to get rid of pool, garden, household, hobby and poisonous chemicals, fluorescent globes and tubes, car and household batteries, motor oils and fluids, gas bottles and fire extinguishers.

“Keep in mind that dangerous household chemicals like these can't be poured down the sink or toilet, nor disposed of through regular waste collection, and they must never be illegally dumped in the bush, waterways, or by other means that can damage the environment,” he continued.

“Cleanout days are held annually. At other times throughout the year it is wise to practice poison control at home and always take care to store hazardous waste materials you use regularly, carefully and safely out of the reach of children and pets. Keep them from spilling, leaking, or mixing with other chemicals. And when you're ready to get rid of them, know how to safely dispose of them to protect your family and the environment from harm,” he said.

“Don't brush off household chemicals like harmless materials. Now that you know the serious effects they can have, plus the opportunity to safely dispose of them at this cleanout event, treat them with care and keep them out of harm's way. For more information call the Environment Line on 131 555 or visit,” Councillor Hope concluded. 

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is seeking the views of the Shire’s youth regarding what they would like to see incorporated in the modernisation/redevelopment of the Quirindi Library Precinct so it can better function as a youth hub and community meeting area. Shire youth, aged 12 to 24,  are asked to take part in a quick, online questionnaire to help determine their thoughts on the issue. The questionnaire can be accessed at Responses are required by Wednesday 4 September.

“The aim is to develop a modern facility that allows social inclusion, collaboration, networking, learning and incorporates a youth focused space,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Key elements of the project include increasing the libraries floor space, developing a multi-purpose, modern, digital meeting and study area for youth and students, including a wet area for painting and other messy activities plus a pergola area to be utilised as an informal meeting place,” he said.

“The questionnaire provides a number of options, both within and outside the library building, which our youth are asked to preference as well as the opportunity to make other suggestions and add comments,” he continued.

Young people in rural areas need ways of being involved in their communities and Council wishes to widen their opportunities to do so. We’re looking for input from our youth to energise our approach to this redevelopment. Involvement of young people in local government ensures that local services can better meet the needs of the whole community and encourage young people to remain in the area. Our youth today are our future leaders of tomorrow and I encourage their feedback on this issue,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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The National Garage Sale Trail is back in 2019, to be held Saturday and Sunday 19 and 20 October. Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is encouraging householders, local organisations, schools, community groups and charities to get onboard this fun and social way to promote reuse and reduce waste to landfill, while at the same time making some extra cash. To register go to

Garage Sale Trail 2019“LPSC is proud to support Garage Sale Trail again this year. Setting up your sale listing should take no more than five minutes of your time and once completed you’ll get access to promotional materials including posters, bunting and more, created to help make your sale a success, so get creative with your sale name and what you’re offering,” said Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“You can sell old, preloved, vintage, upcycled stuff, in fact sell anything at all. Garage Sale Trail provides the perfect opportunity for households to declutter and make some money. It is also a great way for organisations to fundraise. By registering and participating sellers can build a profile for the whole region to see, list sale items and access materials to help promote your sale. The best part is it’s all for FREE,” he continued.

“It’s often said that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and shoppers too can find amazing things up for grabs. Maybe you’re looking for something special. Register as a shopper at and you can filter by type of items being sold, so whether you're hunting for kids’ stuff or sporting goods, musical instruments or handmade craft, you can be well prepared, build a treasure trail and follow it via mobile on the day. From September, you will be able to search for garage sales happening near you using the national map and create a list of favourites to visit on the weekend.

“To find out more check out the Q&A at Once registered, if circumstances change, you can edit your sale at any time, simply by logging in to your Garage Sale Trail account,” he said.  

“Statistics from 2018 reveal the average household sale sold 90 items, made $309 and had 46 people visit. Each year, the event is growing bigger and bigger so if you’re thinking of holding a garage sale, get on the sale trail, October 19 and 20, and take advantage of the opportunity to promote your event to a wider audience,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Commencing in July 2017, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) participated, along with 7 other NSW Councils, in the Office of Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) Outdoor Dining Trial. This trial included the waiving of fees and charges for outdoor dining applications. The pilot program was a success and as a result LPSC has adopted the NSW Outdoor Dining Policy 2019, that evolved from the trials, as Council policy. Additionally, LPSC will permanently waive all fees for both current and new outdoor dining approvals across the LGA plus develop a ‘Local Street Guide’ with advice for businesses and to ensure the values and cultural heritage of the Shire are maintained.

“LPSC is delighted to have participated in this project to encourage businesses to provide outdoor dining by removing barriers to entry and consequently increasing community vibrancy and economic growth. Council sees numerous benefits from collaborating with the OSBC and the NSW Government’s Easy to do Business initiative,” said LPSC Economic Development Officer, Ian George.

“The policy was developed following consultation with many small businesses and is designed to streamline and simplify the approach for outdoor dining approvals by cutting red tape for them, the availability of user-friendly, online assessment and approval, resulting in lower costs and compliance burdens on small businesses.  

“Furthermore, it provides a framework for establishing and operating an outdoor dining area, including determining the suitability of a site, managing public safety including road safety, ensuring operations do not detract from the visual appeal of an area, meeting ongoing operational requirements and meeting all necessary state and federal legislative requirements.

“The Policy has received endorsement from the Disability Council of Australia and Ministerial Council of Ageing and been reviewed by Planning and Environment NSW. Roads and Maritime Services has delegated the concurrent approval to Councils required, under S125 of the Roads Act, for outdoor dining applications received and processed under the Easy to do Business platform, with some conditions applying. Liquor and Gaming NSW has agreed to continue to waive fees for businesses seeking to extend their liquor licence boundary under the Policy and have maintained amended regulations to provide provisional approval to businesses once applications are received.

“To give you some idea how the policy has sped up applications for outdoor dining, all businesses in the pilot program were approved for outdoor dining within 2 business days of providing all necessary information,” he said.

“Council will also develop a user guide to complement the requirements outlined in the Policy providing useful tips on setting up an outdoor dining area. This will provide useful advice, simplifying things for small business undertaking the application process.

“The quickest and easiest way to get outdoor dining approval will be via a digital application portal at This includes pre-populated application forms and permits as well as Service NSW business concierge support designed to streamline the application experience.  

“When LPSC became involved in the Outdoor Dining Trial we waived fees and charges for outdoor dining applications. While this has had slight impacts on the budget, we have determined to permanently waive these fees as a further stimulus to local economic development,” he continued.

“LPSC is focussed on strategies, plans and decision making to strengthen local financial, economic, social and environmental sustainability. Council will continue to collaborate to bring the small business bus to our Shire to assist in this process. We currently have businesses developing eco-tourism ventures, exploring visual merchandising and other ways to exploit growth potential.

“During the current drought induced economic hardship that many businesses are facing I encourage you to investigate every opportunity that becomes available. As a starting point you can discuss the many programs available and your ideas with me by calling 6746 1755 or emailing me at,” he said.

“You can peruse the Outdoor Dining Policy online at, at the Administration Centre or contact to have one emailed to you,” Ian concluded. 

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Councillor Andrew Hope, Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has extended congratulations to Carissa Ryan for winning first prize in the Plains Postcard competition held as part of Local Government Week.

Plains Postcard winner“Our theme this year was ‘Love Your Community’ showing a connection between people and place.

Carissa’s photo captures our rural base with the silo in the background, our commercial life, and centred around an important community focal point, the War Memorial Clock. The poppy’s have a close affiliation with the War Memorial as well as highlighting our beautiful gardens. There is also a sense of peace captured and Carissa commented with her entry, ‘I love the beautiful and quiet Saturday afternoons in Quirindi’,” he said.

“However, our judges couldn’t decide between two entries for runner up, so we are asking you to make a People’s Choice and vote for your favourite. The photos and a link to vote are pinned to the top of our Council Facebook page and you have until Sunday 18 August to cast your vote.

“Thank you to those who entered the competition and we’ll announce the runner up after you have all had a chance to vote,” he concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) GM, Ron Van Katwyk, would like to inform the Shire community on the following matters of interest.   

Small Business Support - As part of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) collaboration with the Office of NSW Small Business Commissioner, the Business Connect Bus will be in Anzac Square Quirindi on Thursday 15 August between 9am and 3pm. The bus provides a free opportunity to find out more about what is available to help local small businesses develop and grow. Experienced Business Connect Hosts will connect small businesses to their local Business Connect service/advisor and will provide information and referrals to other Government programs and services. If you can’t make the bus on the day, and you’d like to make a booking to see a Business Advisor, for a free 4 hour one-on-one advice session, please call 0490 297 703.

Engineering Services - Work continues on the upgrade and sealing of the Willow Tree to Merriwa road. 2.4 kilometres of new pavement works, and sealing remain to be done and it is expected the project will be completed by the end of September. A new, all weather protection shelter is underway at Werris Creek pool that will enable the pool warming infrastructure to be installed. At Quirindi Racecourse the new amenities building is underway. Council staff have been assisting volunteers at Quirindi, Werris Creek and Quirindi cemeteries as well as volunteers at Spring Ridge, Premer, Werris Creek, Willow Tree, Blackville and Quirindi with various projects. Tree maintenance has taken place in Quirindi, at David Taylor Park Werris Creek and Willow Tree. A team have been removing graffiti in Werris Creek and Quirindi. If you see graffiti, please report it to Council via email at or call the Customer Service Desk on 6746 1755.

Community Consultation - LPSC’s draft Corporate Property and Disposal of Land Policy and associated Corporate Property Directive are currently on public exhibition until 4pm Wednesday 4 September. A copy of the draft documents can be viewed at the Administration Centre, on Council’s website at or an email copy can be obtained by sending a request to The purpose of this policy is to describe the manner in which LPSC will undertake its corporate property management functions, including the  acquisition and divestment of land.

Funding opportunities - Community organisations are invited to apply for funding to support local projects under the NSW Government’s Infrastructure Grants program. The 2019/20 program has been expanded to support projects that build community connections. Funding is available for infrastructure projects in three key areas; Arts and Culture, Disaster Readiness and Community Infrastructure, and Sport and Recreation and for the first time, the grants are available for projects that support youth, mental health, homelessness and domestic violence services. The grants are made possible by the Clubgrants Category 3 Fund which re-invests profits from gaming machines into community projects. Applications for the first round of funding close on Monday 26 August. If community organisations are unsure whether their projects are eligible for a grant, they can contact 9995 0992. To find out more information or to apply, please visit

Entertainment - There are some great shows coming to your Royal Theatre including Lounge Against The Machine, Friday 16 August at 7.30pm when Sally-Anne Whitten, Kate Armstrong and Rae Moody front up a band of exceptional musicians, adding a touch of jazz to your favourite hits. Tickets online at for $23pp or $25 at the door. Matinee Idols, Evening Stars  Sunday 15 September at 2pm features Legendary flutist Jane Rutter and West End musical star, Peter Cousens, bringing you a magical afternoon of musical romance, performing popular classical pieces and romantic songs by some of the world’s greatest popular composers. Tickets are $35 each or $120 for a group of four online at Our friends from sister-city Blacktown City will join us for Hangi In the Country III from 25 to 27 October. Here’s a heads-up to Elvis fans that there will be a free and live show, with David Cazalet as Elvis, at 11am on Saturday 26. Following her successful show earlier this year, Melinda Schneider has announced she’ll return on Friday 8 November at 7.30pm with her Farewell to Doris Day show featuring the Young at Heart Orchestra. Early Bird Tickets are now available at

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The NSW Government is currently offering funding, through its Country Passenger Transport Infrastructure Grants Scheme (CPTIGS), aimed at improving access to public transport and improving infrastructure supporting those services. Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is inviting the community to make suggestions about where such improvements could be most beneficial.

“The CPTIGS provides subsidies to support the construction or upgrade of bus stop infrastructure and aims to maximise benefits to country passengers through supporting more accessible passenger transport, focusing on better connections between bus stops and surrounding communities, an increase in the use of passenger transport in country areas through improved awareness of bus stop locations, kerbside information and improved security, including tactile ground indicators and lighting, and the development of minor infrastructure  to complement passenger service development,” Councillor Hope said.

“LPSC is working with the two main operators in the Shire, Howards and Tamworth Buslines, to identify projects that may be eligible under the scheme. To facilitate the collection of this material residents are asked to contact the operator of the service to which their suggestion is relevant,” he said. 

“As well as the general community, schools, local organisations, advocates for the aged, disabled, vision impaired and disadvantaged are encouraged to put ideas forward. These ideas can include new shelters, upgrades at boarding areas which can include levelling, connecting footpath, security/lighting, signage, bus stop hard stands, street furniture, and tactile ground surface indicators,” he said.

“Your cooperation in providing suggestions by Friday 13 September would be appreciated and will greatly assist the consultative process to identify the needs within our community,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope has expressed anger and dismay following the release of draft recommendations by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) that the NSW Electoral Commission be allowed to increase the amount charged to conduct Council elections by around 62%. Councillor Hope said he is calling on the Shire’s State MPs, the members for Tamworth and Upper Hunter, to deliver their Government the message that local government simply can’t absorb such an increase without it impacting other areas of service delivery to ratepayers.

“IPART’s proposal is particularly discriminatory against small rural councils like LPSC as it is suggesting we pay an average of $14.37 per elector, compared to $9.54 for large metropolitan councils, for the democratic right to vote.

“At the last election in 2016, there were 5,708 people eligible to vote in the Shire. This means that at the upcoming 2020 election, LPSC ratepayers will be slugged over $82,000 for this basic right,” Councillor Hope said.

“We have to remember that immediately after the State election the NSW Government announced a 23.8% increase in the Emergency Services Levy that will cost LPSC ratepayers around $84,000 more than last year.

“Together, these proposed imposts will cost LPSC ratepayers an extra $166,000 a year. What is particularly galling is the fact that the announcements have been made after Councils around the State had formulated their 2019/20 budgets meaning they aren’t provided for, necessitating the requirement to look for savings in other areas of service provision to fund them,” he continued.

“Further, at a time most rural Councils are experiencing probably the worst drought in living memory and trying to address the cost of this on their local economies, these additional cost-shifting imposts are the last thing we need,” he said.

“LPSC is supporting efforts by Local Government NSW, the state’s peak body representing the interests of local government state-wide, to talk some sense into the Government on these unjust money-grabs from ratepayers and hopeful that our State MPs will reinforce this message on behalf of our ratepayers,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is asking motorists to please respect and obey street parking restrictions that are located at various places around the Shire. He said they are in place to maintain safety and accessibility, and in business areas, turnover of parking spaces.

“Council has received complaints, as have the police, regarding motorists parking illegally in disabled parking and taxi zones. Illegal parking in disabled bays causes disadvantage to those with RMS authorised Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) window stickers, who are entitled to, and rely on, the disabled parking zones for their convenience. A fine for illegally stopping in a disabled parking zone is $561 and 1 demerit point.

“Illegal parking in a Taxi Zone has a direct flow-on affect to the safety of residents who rely on taxi services to assist in their mobility, particularly the aged, disabled and children. A fine for stopping in a Taxi zone is $187.

“Other parking restrictions are imposed to stop motorists parking in areas that are dangerous or cause inconvenience for other road users. These include No Stopping, No Parking and Restricted No Parking Zones, School Zones, Loading Zones and Bus Zones. Parking contrary to restriction signs can also incur fines and demerit points,” he said.

“Cooperation respecting these parking restrictions enhances the safety of our children, elderly and disabled, as well as other motorists, in fact everyone in the community,” he concluded.

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