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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Director Engineering Services, Greg Tory, says Council is well aware of the condition of numerous unsealed roads around the Shire following recent rains and will commence rehabilitation works as soon as weather conditions permit and requirements are prioritised.

“Council is responsible for the maintenance of just over 800 kilometres of unsealed roads. We need to prioritise works depending on both volumes of traffic and actual conditions. With finite staff numbers and maintenance equipment available some areas will obviously take longer than others to attend to,” Mr Tory said.

“Weather conditions over the past 8 months have not been conducive to best practice maintenance of unsealed roads. Earlier this year we had drought conditions that delayed planned works and since June rainfall has impaired our ability even further,” he said.

“Council is fully aware of the importance of the road network to the general community and particularly our agricultural sector. However, trying to improve the situation before conditions are dry enough amounts to throwing away part of our finite roads budget,” he continued.

“I ask the community to take all of these factors into account, to understand that these matters can’t be addressed overnight, that there is a finite budget to operate within and importantly that individuals must drive in a safe, responsible manner for the prevailing conditions until works can be undertaken,” Mr Tory concluded.

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The first meeting of the Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) elected for the 2016-20 term will be held on Monday 10 October commencing at 9am. Four councillors from the previous term, Andrew Hope, Ian Lobsey, Ken Cudmore and Rob Webster have been re-elected and will be joined by first termers Virginia Black and Doug Hawkins as well as Paul Moules who has served previously on both LPSC and Parry Shire Council.

The first item of business from 9am will be for each councillor to affirm or swear an oath of office declaring and affirming they will undertake the duties of the office of councillor in the best interests of the people of the Shire and that they will faithfully and impartially carry out the functions, powers, authorities and discretions vested in them under the Local Government Act or any other Act to the best of their ability and judgment. This will be followed at 9.30am by the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor in a formal meeting.

Councillors will then be required to take part in an induction workshop that sets out their duties and responsibilities. This workshop is held because although councillors come from a range of diverse backgrounds and bring different and valuable skills to the role, few new councillors have extensive knowledge of the system of local government, how a council works, the full range of their roles and responsibilities or the very recent changes to the Local Government Act arising out of the Phase One reforms.

From their first meeting councillors are required to make important decisions on behalf of their community and take responsibility for those decisions. Those decisions often involve significant use of public money, assets or natural resources. Even experienced councillors admit they can find it challenging to keep abreast of changes to the legislative and policy context for local government as well as changes to a council’s policies and procedures.

The induction and election process will be followed by another meeting of the new Council which will commence at 2.30pm and is necessary to consider matters that have arisen over the preceding six weeks.

Members of the community are cordially invited and encouraged to attend the morning swearing in and election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor and the afternoon’s meeting.

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The Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Ordinary Meeting set down for September 28 has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The inaugural meeting of the new Council will now be held as soon as can be arranged. From 8.30am this meeting will address the affirmation or swearing an oath of office for the Councillors. This will be followed by the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Councillors will then be required to take part in an induction workshop that sets out their duties and responsibilities. This workshop will be followed by an Ordinary Meeting of Council which will commence at 2.30pm on the nominated day. Members of the community are cordially invited and encouraged to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Council has received advice from Essential Energy that there will be an extended power outage on Wednesday 28 September. Please note that during this planned electricity outage all telephone calls will remain diverted to the after-hours call service. Emergency calls will be attended to immediately and all other enquiries of a non-urgent nature will be responded to the following business day.

Final results for the 2016 elections for Council were posted by the Electoral Commission of NSW on Saturday.


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Recent rains have seen Quipolly Dam overflow for the first time since the completion of its capacity augmentation in early 2016.

Quipolly Dam Spill 1

A grand sight indeed as Quipolly Dam overflows for the first time since its capacity augmentation.


Storage now stands at over 8000 ML, up from the original capacity of 5200 ML.

Quipolly Dam Spill 4

As can be seen from this graph the recent fill has commenced from the lowest LPSC recorded level of the dam to now the highest.

Filling of Quipolly Dam since rains commenced in June has occurred after approximately 350mm of rainfall and 6 distinct inflow events. This has saturated the ground with inflows now resulting from as little as 10mm rainfall.

Continued spilling has produced flows in the Quipolly Creek well downstream of the dam topping up groundwater systems.

Quipolly Dam Spill 3

Overflow from the dam making its way down to Quipolly Creek.

At its opening the $6.4 million Quipolly was Council’s single biggest ever capital project and the first major step towards its Regional Water Supply Strategy. Since then, another stage, the Quirindi to Willow Tree pipeline has been opened. Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce MP, pledged $10million, prior to the Federal election, to further advance the project and Council is currently awaiting a response from the State government for matching funding. Along with a contribution from LPSC this money will allow the construction of a new water treatment plant plus associated pipelines to connect the Werris Creek and Quirindi water supply systems to provide enhanced water security and opportunities for economic development into the future.

The innovative use of Hydroplus Fuse gates during the augmentation process allowed LPSC to make the project economically feasible and this was recognised when Council was named the best small council in Australia for asset and financial management in the prestigious National
Awards for Local Government.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) Eastside Childcare Centre has limited places available for the December/January school holiday period and 2017. Parents interested in gaining a position are encouraged to call the Centre Manager, Carmel Jones, on 6746 3015 to discuss options.

The Centre prides itself on the quality care it provides to children from birth to five years of age on a full time and casual basis. Staff use the National Early Years Framework (EYLF) to develop learning programs for the children who are offered a full educational early childhood program developed around each child’s developmental needs, interests and abilities.

Eastside 1

Some of Eastside’s 3-5 year class enjoy a song .

The children at Eastside are divided into three aged learning groups. Nursery 0-2 year olds, two to three year old room and three to five years Preschool/School Readiness class.
Eastside also offers limited places for school aged children up till twelve years of age for before and after school and vacation care. The Centre operates 51 weeks of the year and is open between 8am and 6 pm Monday to Friday.

There are two main subsidies offered by the Australian Government for which families may be eligible for a fee reduction. These are the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR). To find out more about eligibility for these subsidies contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

Eastside 2

Learning programs are balanced with fun outdoors for children at Eastside.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Director of Business, Steve Potts, is reminding people over 65 and those with a disability that the Council managed Quirindi Home Support Service (QHSS) provides a local Quirindi shopping bus on Thursday mornings and a bus to Tamworth for medical and shopping purposes on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

“These buses provide a valuable service for the elderly and those with a disability but like all such things they need to be patronised to be maintained. I encourage people who could utilise them to ring the QHSS Co-ordinator, Kay Wheeler, on 6746 4545 to check eligibility,” Steve said.

“The Thursday Morning shopping bus serves the Quirindi town area only. It leaves the QHSS Centre at 8.30am and returns at approximately 11.45am. It is a door to door service that picks people up at their front door and delivers them and their parcels back home.

“Carers are on the bus to assist you if you require help and the bus stops at the Commonwealth Bank, Chemist, Shaw’s Fruit and Vegetable, IGA, near the Newsagency and if required the Post Office. The cost is $5,” he said.

“The medical/shopping bus to Tamworth departs QHSS Centre on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8.30am, can pick up in Willow Tree, Quirindi, Werris Creek and Currabubula at a person’s front door and deliver you and your shopping home on return.

“This bus also has carers to assist where necessary and is able to transport two wheel chairs. In Tamworth the bus stops at Kmart until midday where morning tea can be obtained and then goes to Shopping World where you can have lunch. It departs Shopping World at approximately 2pm. If you have a medical appointment you need to make sure it is between the hours of 10.30am and 1.30pm. The bus will take you to your appointment and pick you up after. The cost for transport is $12,” he continued.

“LPSC administers Home Support Services with funding provided by the Federal Government. Council wants to ensure we provide the best service available with the funding available so please utilise these buses to ensure their continued operation into the future,” Steve concluded.

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A number of interested gardeners have attended the launch of the new collection Quirindi Seed Library. A seed library is where gardeners can share seeds they have saved from plants they have grown. It’s a great way to help conserve plant varieties, increase your gardening knowledge and get free seeds.

Quirindi Seed Library official launch 1

(l to r) Julie Yeomans (standing), Tina Carter (President Quirindi Garden Club), Mary Roberts, Martha Snape, Marcela Krasny (Quirindi Library Senior Librarian), Giovanna Hawkins and Pat Wallace (Quirindi Community Nursery) attended the launch of the new selection Seed Library

Quirindi Library Senior Librarian, Marcela Krasny, said that to ‘borrow’ seeds people needed to be a library member.

“Seed packets will be ‘issued’ just like a book but of course you don’t have to bring them back. Hopefully, at the end of the season people will be able to save seeds themselves and donate them back to the seed library for others to use. Donations are welcome at any time simply drop them into the library and staff will provide packets for the donor to fill and label,” Ms Krasny said.

“People are asked to save seeds from healthy plants only, save from open pollinated plants, don’t save from hybrids and clean and dry seeds before storing in a cool, dry place,” she said.

“There are books available on seed saving as well as other gardening books that members can borrow and we’d like to see as many people as possible involved. There is also a seed library available at Werris Creek library,” Ms Krasny concluded.

Quirindi Seed Library official launch 2

Seeds as well as gardening books can be borrowed from both Quirindi and Werris Creek libraries.

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Continuing rainfall over recent weeks has seen improvements for all of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) water supplies.

The Borambil Bore field, which supplies Quirindi and Willow Tree, continued its steady recovery through August and is at a 12 month high.

Water Storeage report Sept 2016 1

The Quipolly Dam, which supplies Werris Creek, has again experienced strong inflows through August. The Dam now sits well above its previous high level mark of 6000ML at 7500ML and rising. The dam now sits at 92% of capacity which is equivalent to 145% of the capacity prior to the 2012 upgrade. Reports from the Quipolly valley indicate that the creek flowed through to the confluence with the Quirindi Creek for the first time in many years recently.

Water storeage report Sept 2016 2

The systems serving Wallabadah, Caroona, Spring Ridge, Premer and Blackville have also reacted well to the wide spread rainfall in the region.

In further news, the bore driller has been appointed for the replacement of the Caroona Bore and will be beginning onsite in the near future. This will result in some short term service changes to Caroona consumers. Further details of this will be provided when finalised.

All 8 of the Shire’s supplies are currently on the P Permanent conservation level which mean, minimising watering in the heat of the day, wash down of hard pavements/services and washing of vehicles with high pressure hoses only, use swimming pool covers to reduce evaporation.

All consumers are asked to be water wise at all times.

Quipolly Dam 4 Sep 2016

Quipolly Dam 5 Sep 2016

Quipolly Dam now sits well above its previous high level mark of 6000ML at 7500ML and rising.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has endorsed the LPSC Recreational Vehicle Strategy, as recently put on public exhibition, and will begin to follow through with an Action Plan to implement the strategy’s recommendations.

“The strategy sets an objective to promote the Shire as a friendly and attractive region for RV (Recreational Vehicle) users by proactively encouraging enhanced visitation, protecting and preserving the environment with effective site management and regulatory requirements while at the same time maximising the economic benefit for the Shire and local businesses. The strategy identifies gaps in provision that currently exist and measures required to meet those needs whilst also taking local issues into account,” said LPSC Mayor, Andrew Hope.

“The development of this comprehensive strategy has involved both community and RV industry liaison. It examines current and future potential for freedom camping areas plus ensuring visitors are aware of the established caravan park where they can restock with water, use laundry facilities and experience the higher level shower facilities they provide.

“The strategy also investigates infrastructure requirements such as potable water, RV dump points, long vehicle parking, signage, Wi-Fi, and pets plus donation boxes and promoting the facilities as well as linkages to broader regional strategies and initiatives,” he said.

“The development of the strategy has allowed analysis of the current RV market within the Shire which in turn has identified the series of actions required to follow up. These actions align to objectives in LPSC’s Delivery Plan and will greatly aid development of Council’s Economic Development Strategy.

“It is expected that Baby Boomers will reach their peak in 2021 and the domestic RV market will continue to grow as it is a very popular retirement activity. To ensure the Shire benefits from its share of visitors it is important the demographic is adequately and appropriately provided for,” he continued.

“By taking and involving the community in a Shire-wide approach we can ensure effective methods are in place so the visitors can enjoy a few days of interesting, low cost adventure, with local businesses able to meet their requirements, plenty of information available on what’s on offer and within a friendly, inviting environment,” he said.

“Additionally, we are examining expanding the freedom camping areas available throughout the Shire and we will continue to consult with the community on this issue and as other parts of the strategy are rolled out. We will also continue to liaise with RV organisations and are thankful for the input they have provided to date.

“Council welcomes feedback from community members and encourages businesses/organisations who have something to offer, as well as the chance to benefit from the strategy, to ensure we have all available information to use in promotional material. We intend to make this a win/win for both the RV market and the local economy, so the more involvement and input the better,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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NSW Council for Intellectual Disability has produced the following Easy Read guide for the NSW Electoral Commission to assist people with voting at the September 10 local government elections.
You can download the guide on this link:

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council wishes to advise that, weather permitting, weed control spraying will be conducted to control weeds and other undesirable vegetation along Quirindi Creek, adjacent to Golland Fields from Monday 5th September, 2016, and continue for one (1) week until Friday 9 September 2016.
Any enquiries in relation to the works can be directed to the Engineering Services Manager Sally Rozemulder on (02) 6746 1755.

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Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC), Councillor Andrew Hope is reminding Shire residents that many queries, requests and concerns regarding Council services and infrastructure can be dealt with easily, online by completing customer action request forms.

“Customers can choose the option that best describes their issue including animal complaints, bridge concerns, gravel pits, information, IT support, parks and gardens, road problems, water problems, sewer problems or if these categories don’t apply there is the ‘Other’ option where details can be left in the comments field,” Councillor Hope said.

“There is provision for customers to detail the urgency of the matter and to provide contact details such as emails and phone numbers so where necessary Council staff can follow up the matter,” he continued.

“Residents can go to and follow the links or go direct to,” he said.

“LPSC endeavours to make matters as easy as possible for residents to deal with issues affecting Council,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC), Councillor Andrew Hope, has rejected claims that his Council has ceased to work with Gunnedah Shire Council (GSC) on resource sharing matters and pointed out that both Councils are still in fact resource sharing at this very moment.

“Both Shires jointly funded a consultant to determine how a joint sharing agreement may work. Following receipt of that report it has been decided not to go down the formal track in the method suggested by that consultant. However, we are still resource sharing with Gunnedah on an as needs basis,” Councillor Hope said.

“Our General Manager has informed me neither LPSC nor GSC management were overly happy with the proposals in the report and chose to stay with the current agreement for sharing on an as needs basis, a method that has worked well to date,” he said.

“LPSC is currently awaiting the final decisions on the JO (Joint Organisation) model that will be adopted and we believe most of the structured resource sharing will and should occur through that organisation. Gunnedah is a member of the JO. Clearly, this is the road the State Government appear to favour as high level resource sharing is a win for all Councils. Further, this approach is what is laid out in LPSC’s Fit for the Future submission and LPSC is meeting its requirements and sticking to the plan,” he continued.

“To date LPSC and GSC have seen resource sharing revamp both Council’s websites and staff sharing continues on an as needs basis particularly in the areas of Environmental services and IT. Our Environmental Services Manager is in fact assisting with a planning process in Gunnedah this week. We’ve also utilised resource sharing with Gunnedah in the area of Human Resources.

“We have also resource shared with Warrumbungle Shire on Rural Fire Service projects and are about to resource share with Upper Hunter on a major project upgrading the Merriwa to Willow Tree Road,” he said.

“I am particularly disappointed that an unnamed Gunnedah Councillor made these claims to media and never had the courtesy of discussing them with LPSC prior to doing so. Considering the good relationship and work we’ve done with GSC the statements were unhelpful and unprofessional,” Councillor Hope said.

“LPSC remains committed to resource sharing with all our neighbouring Councils where it is in the best interests of rate payers,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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The August meeting of Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) brought to an end Councillor Col Stewart’s long career in local government. Col is not seeking re-election at September’s poll.

First elected to Quirindi Shire Council in 1983, he served until 1991, then stood again in 2006 for a seat on Liverpool Plains Shire which he held at subsequent elections, making a total of 18 years’ service to local government. Col served one term as LPSC Deputy Mayor and for most of the time was chair of the planning and development committee.

Col Stewart 1

After his last meeting Col Stewart heads homeward after 18 years serving local government.

Col and his wife Pauline moved to Quirindi in 1972 to join an accounting practice which then became known as Clout, Brackenbury and Stewart. They raised their family of 3 boys in Quirindi and all still live in the region.

Apart from his commitment to local government Col has served the local community in many other roles including president of Quirindi Pre-school and Quirindi Junior Soccer, a member of Quirindi Apex Club for 15 years, currently a director of Quirindi Retirement Homes, a member of the Quirindi Health Committee and as a member of Quirindi VRA Rescue Squad for 23 years, for 16 of which he was captain, and he’s currently president of the squad. Pauline has also been a VRA operator for 14 years.

Reflecting on his time in Local Government Col said it is a critically important part of the government system.

“It is that part of the government which is closest to the people. Councillors are part of the local community, share the concerns of the community, and are available to the members of the community on a daily basis as opposed to State Governments. Most of the day to day services we need in our community are provided by Local Government such as local roads and bridges, water, sewerage, garbage, building controls, libraries, playing fields, swimming pools and much more,” Col said.

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope thanked Col, on behalf of the community and Council, for his service and devotion to the local community over so many years.

“Col has a track record second to none. His honesty and integrity in everything he does is a credit to the man. His commitment to the community is unquestionable. Col Stewart we wish you and Pauline every happiness into the future,” Councillor Hope said.

With a little more time on his hands what are Col’s plans for the future?

“Pauline and I are looking forward to having more time with our family, doing some travelling and playing some golf. We will also continue to be on 24 hour call as registered operators in the Rescue Squad,” he said.

“Quirindi and district has been good to us and our family over the 43 years we have lived here, and we hope that we have been able to contribute in a small way to the local community,” Col concluded.

You certainly have, Col and Pauline, thank you.

Media contacts – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345 / Col Stewart 0427 461 883.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has held its last meeting prior to local government elections which will be held on Saturday 10 September.

Voting is compulsory for local government elections and may be carried out by either 1) Postal Vote which close on Monday 5 September at 6.00pm and can be organised by calling the returning officer, Kathy Kennedy on 4905 0150, 2) by Pre Poll voting which runs from Monday 29 August until Friday 9 September at Council’s Administration Office, between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday and up to 6pm on Friday 9 September only or 3) on polling day between 8am and 6pm at polling booths at Caroona Hall, Currabubula Public School, Quirindi High School, Spring Ridge Public School, Wallabadah Public School, Werris Creek Public School and Willow Tree Hall.

Council Meeting 24 08 16

At LPSC’s last meeting prior to election on September 10 (from l to r) back row, Councillor Mary Roberts, Water Service Manager Rod Batterham, Councillors Col Stewart, Deputy Mayor Rob Webster, Andrew Laurie, Ken Cudmore and Ian Lobsey OAM, front row, Executive Assistant Kerrie Tolmie, Director Engineering Services Greg Tory, Mayor Andrew Hope, Director Environmental Services and Economic Development A/GM Donna Ausling and Director of Business Steve Potts.

There are 10 candidates for 7 positions, in alphabetical order, Virginia Black, Ken Cudmore, Doug Hawkins, Andrew Hope, Andrew Laurie, Ian Lobsey OAM, Paul Moules, Kerry-Anne Nelson, Mary Roberts and Robert Webster.

Media contact – LPSC A/GM Donna Ausling 0427 237 874.

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Mayor Andrew Hope, welcomed representatives from Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC), Whitehaven Coal Werris Creek Mine, the Werris Creek 355 Development Committee and the wider Werris Creek community to the official opening of the Hoamm Park Children’s Playground, in Single Street Werris Creek.

The plaque, commemorating the official opening, was unveiled by Councillor Hope and Jamie Frankcombe Executive GM Operations Whitehaven Coal and Werris Creek Mine. The $170,000 project has been funded through contributions from the Whitehaven Werris Creek Coal Community Enhancement Fund $70,000, $19,995 through the State Government’s Community Building Partnership Program plus $80,000 from LPSC’s Section 94 development contributions for community infrastructure reserves.

“Today’s official opening is the culmination of a project driven by the community. On behalf of Council and the Werris Creek community I thank the local 355 Development Committee for their input. I thank Whitehaven Coal and the NSW Government for partnering with Council to make this project a reality and I thank Council staff who have worked on the project. Combined with the adjacent skate board park we have developed a significant precinct for the young people of Werris Creek. It will be further enhanced by a new pedestrian bridge to cross the storm water drain between the two facilities at a cost of $4,000”, Councillor Hope said.

Mr Frankcombe said that Whitehaven Coal is very proud in providing support to the redevelopment of Hoamm Park utilising contributions available from the Werris Creek Community Enhancement Fund, a fund that was established following the approval of the Werris Creek Mine.

“We continue to be absolutely committed in ensuring that the local communities benefit from our presence here, so it’s great to have teamed up with the LPSC on this important project which we are certain will provide long-lasting enjoyment, especially to the families and young children of Werris Creek,” he said.

“It is great that a number of projects combined have brought a new vitality to the western side of Single Street from the Community Shed/RFS precinct north to the Rail Journey’s Museum and Australian Rail Memorial,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Hoamm Park Official Opening   Andrew Hope  Jamie Frankcombe Executive GM Operations Whitehaven Coal and Werris Creek Mine 1

LPSC Mayor Andrew Hope and Jamie Frankcombe Executive GM Operations Whitehaven Coal and Werris Creek Mine cut the ribbon to declare Hoamm Park Children’s Playground Officially Open.

Hoamm Park Official Opening 2

Representatives from LPSC, Whitehaven Coal and the Werris Creek Community at the Hoamm Park Children’s Playground Official Opening.

Hoamm Park Official Opening 355 Committee 3

Werris Creek Community Development 355 Committee members comprise representatives from LPSC and the Werris Creek Community who have driven many recent initiatives in Werris Creek.

View the official opening footage via our Facebook page here -

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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According to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, just because we haven’t seen shovels on the ground yet doesn't mean that the David Taylor Park redevelopment at Werris Creek project is not progressing.

“We’ve overcome another hurdle with Council now in receipt of the grandstand structural details from the successful quoting firm,” Councillor Hope said.

“To get to this point has been a long process because Council is required to obtain competitive quotes for projects over a certain value under our procurement processes and policies. This process can be frustrating but it is necessary to show the broader community that we are getting value for money for ratepayer’s funds,” he said.

“Council’s Planning Team has largely completed the Development Application (DA) documentation and is currently chasing down shed prices for the Football Club's storage shed. We are aiming to proceed to DA lodgement in the next few weeks,” Councillor Hope continued.

“Council has been working collaboratively with the Werris Creek 355 Development Committee to reach these goals and looks forward to the improvements to sporting facilities this upgrade will provide when completed,” Councillor Hope concluded.

David Taylor Park

A new grandstand and associated fit out will greatly improve sporting infrastructure in Werris Creek.

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, Council staff and representatives of the Quirindi Racecourse and Showground Committees have welcomed an announcement from Member for Upper Hunter, Michael Johnsen, that Council has been successful in attracting $33,518 funding, from the State Government’s Public Reserves Management Fund for improvements to facilities at the Racecourse/Showground precinct.

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A moving ceremony was held in Quirindi today, organised by the RSL Sub-branch, to mark Vietnam Veterans Day. Veterans, family, friends and school students attended along with Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, who lay a wreath on behalf of Council and the Shire community.

August 18 marks the 50th anniversary of the battle of Long Tan and this Vietnam Veterans Day the people of Liverpool Plains Shire honoured the 60,000 Australian men and women who served our nation throughout the Vietnam War.

During a monsoonal downpour on the afternoon of 18 August 1966, 105 men of D company, 6RAR, and three New Zealanders of an artillery forward observer party were engaged by a force of more than 2,000 Viet Cong in a rubber plantation near the abandoned Vietnamese village of Long Tan. The battle of Long Tan was the most costly single engagement for the Australian military during the Vietnam War, with 17 killed and 25 wounded during the fight, one of whom later died of his wounds.

Vets in attendance 18 08 16

Members of Quirindi RSL Sub branch pay tribute on Vietnam Veterans Day - (L to R) –Joe Nilson, John Williams, Gerry Walsh, Barry Doyle, Ian Kennet OAM, Ken Pengilley (Sec Q’di RSL Sub branch), Thera Sullings, Doug Hawkins (President Q’di RSL Sub-branch), LPSC Mayor Andrew Hope, Earl Kellaher OAM, Michael Tobin, Bill Gleeson, Ray Hatch


Quirindi High School Students Erin Batterham and Sophie Robinson lay a wreath in honour of Vietnam veterans.


LPSC Mayor, Andrew Hope, pays his respects after laying a wreath on behalf of Council and community.

Media Contacts – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345 / Q’di RSL Sub branch President Doug Hawkins 040407 001 048.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is encouraging not only Werris Creek businesses, but businesses from around the Shire to attend the Quirindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s next monthly meeting which will be held at Werris Creek on Wednesday 14 September from 6pm at the Werris Creek Pharmacy in Single Street.

“A strong Chamber can provide many benefits to the Shire’s business sector plus helping to build our economic base. Membership helps keep business owners on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within their community and local marketplace. Studies have found membership brings credibility to a business, it increase your visibility in the community, it creates networking opportunities plus marketing and advertising opportunities,” Councillor Hope said.

“Research indicates that Chamber membership stimulates business-to-business commerce in the local community. Other businesses in town are more likely to do business with you and your company if you are a member of the local Chamber. Because a major part of a small business typically comes from business-to-business services, it is essential to maintain a positive standing within the local business community,” he continued.

“The Chamber are also considering a name change to be more reflective of their membership across the Region. The more on board the greater clout the organisation can have,” he said.

“Council is currently developing the Liverpool Plains Economic Development Strategy setting clear goals to foster future economic growth and the actions needed to achieve these goals. A strong Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a vital ally if we are to reach our full potential,” he continued.

“At the present time Council and the Chamber are partnering towards the staging of the inaugural Military Tattoo to be held next January and it is developing events like this that provide potential for substantial economic injections into the local economy,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Media contact – Andrew Hope 0427 687 345.

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