Biodiversity & Regenesis

Liverpool Plains Biodiversity Strategy

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Revegetation for Carbon Income and Biodiversity

Regenesis was a partnership project of Blacktown City Council and its sister city Liverpool Plains Shire Council, made possible through a $2 million grant from the NSW Environment Trust.

The project commenced in 2007 and has become a model for planning and planting locally native reforestation projects that create additional revenue for landholders to establish and maintain native vegetation. The revenue is created through the sale of carbon offset certificates that are generated as the vegetation grows.

In the Liverpool Plains Shire, ten landowners partnered with Regenesis to plant locally native carbon forests on their land. All of these Regenesis initiatives provided local environmental benefits, including erosion control, improved soil quality and creek health, reduced soil salinity, creation of windbreaks, shelter for grazing stock as well as enhanced biodiversity through increased habitat. After three years, 220,000 native plants across 100 hectares of land in 33 bio-diverse carbon forests - the Regenesis project between Blacktown City and Liverpool Plains Shire has concluded.

The Regenesis Toolkit has been produced to ensure the ongoing delivery of the project happens and is a guide for other organisations and individuals interested in undertaking similar projects. The Toolkit is a guide to establishing locally native mixed species carbon forests in urban and rural environments. It is aimed at urban and rural Councils, State Government land managers, Catchment Management Authorities, land care groups and private landowners - in essence, any land owner who is looking to establish native revegetation areas and generate an income from them. The toolkit can be downloaded by Clicking here

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